Have you been debating where you’d…

Have you been debating where you’d like your next home to be? Whether you love the coast or think of yourself as more of a mountaineer, let the stars lead you toward your perfect new hometown. Here’s where you’re meant to live based on your sign.

Capricorn: Nashville, TN

Capricorns like tradition and music, so where better to live than Nashville, Tennessee? The Music City offers plenty of live music venues, so there’s always some new to listen to. You can dive into the city’s rich music history and enjoy exploring the old town, all things that Capricorns love!


Aquarius: Austin, TX

Those with the Aquarius sign are natural intellectual helpers. And since Austin, Texas, is known as one of the United States’ “brain belts,” it’s the place for you. If you’re into computers and bioscience, you can always find someone to chat with here, and there are plenty great opportunities to get involved with the community.


Pisces: Melbourne, FL

If you’re a Pisces, you probably love water. As long as you have pools or the beach nearby, you’re happy! If you choose to live in Melbourne, Florida, you’ll always have access to gorgeous beaches and waters. Is there a better than having the Atlantic Ocean in your backyard?


Aries: Ashe County, NC

Ashe County, North Carolina, is the best region for an Aries to live in. People with this sign love to stay active and thrive off of a physical challenges. The log cabins and other beautiful mountain homes in Ashe County would be a dream come true for any Aries, allowing you to explore nature every day.


Taurus: Denver, CO

Cooking is a major love of people born in Taurus season, so Denver, Colorado, is a great place to live. If cooking is your profession, you’ll have tons of job opportunities, but even if you’re just a home chef you’ll get inspiration from all of the fantastic restaurants around you.


Gemini: Lansing, MI

If you’re a Gemini, then you’re a people person, which means Lansing, Michigan, is the perfect place for you to call home. You’ll love taking a classic Lansing trip around downtown to see landmarks and chat with your neighbors.


Cancer: San Diego, CA

If you were born between June 20 and July 22, then you’re a big fan of the water. Become a homeowner in San Diego, California, and you can swim in the Pacific Ocean every day! Cancers also love grabbing dinner with friends and you’ll enjoy all the popular amenities San Diego has to offer.


Leo: New York City, NY

Leos love live theater, so what better place to live than New York City? There are 41 theaters in NYC, so you can see a new musical or play every night of the week if you’d like (except the shows’ dark days!).


Virgo: Hood River, OR

Hood River, Oregon, is the windsurfing capitol of the world, making it the ideal destination for nature-loving Virgos. Here you can hike, mountain bike, and explore the Colombia River Gorge. You’ll never grow tired of Hood River’s incredible views and natural attractions.


Libra: Augusta, ME

Libras love harmony and hate crime, making Maine the perfect state for them. The crime rate in this state is incredibly low, and its seaside views and lobster dinners are a great way to experience endless harmony.


Scorpio: Anywhere, USA

Scorpios are extremely passionate, which means they can make a home for themselves just about anywhere. Passionate people are always enthusiastic and never make excuses. A Scorpio will be able to find a proper home wherever he or she goes in the country, so you really can’t go wrong.


Sagittarius: Chicago, IL

People born in the Sagittarius season love to travel, which makes Chicago, Illinois, a great place to live. From Chicago, you can fly to anywhere in the world with relative ease, including the east or west coasts of America quickly. Plus, Chicago itself is an exciting and diverse city with everything from galleries to historic landmarks, perfect for world travelers.


Knowing your sign can give you an idea of where you can most easily make your home. Know what you like and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place.

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