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About Seashells & Sunflowers

Seashells & Sunflowers is dedicated to helping you create your most beautiful life. We are your definitive guide to simplifying your life without compromising on taste or style. Our refreshingly honest approach to style, beauty, wellness, and relationships has garnered a diverse community looking for small ways to elevate the beauty in every moment. 

In 2014, Seashells & Sunflowers launched as a lifestyle brand and collaborative space with a simple vision: Focusing on the joyful moments in everyday life. Our contributors and readers who make up our community are people who want to look, live, and love well. This means taking care of yourself, enjoying those people that surround you, and creating moments that are meaningful. Join us as we design a joyful and beautiful purpose together. 

Living well means finding joy in the simple things. This comes in all forms, like bringing people together for food and conversation, curating a capsule wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed in the morning, or learning new makeup and skincare routines that can help you look and feel your best. So join us as we create a beautiful life together. Consider this your go-to guide to living well and truly happy.


Co-Founder & Editor in Chief

After growing up and attending undergrad in Maine, Julie moved to New York City with a Journalism degree and love of magazines and design blogs. She worked as a freelance contributor, writing and editing for many well-known publications, including Glamour and Real Simple. She helped to launch Seashells & Sunflowers as a collaborative blog, but after a few years, the site grew enough to become her passion and full-time career. Julie lives with her husband and cat, Sylvia, in Brooklyn, New York.

Co-Founder & Senior Director

Hannah is a Boston native, now living in Brooklyn. She attended the University of Maine with co-founder Julie Anderson and received her degree in creative writing. She helped Julie launch Seashells & Sunflowers as a collaborative blog after they both moved to New York City. Together they helped to grow their independent online publication into the successful online community we know today. Hannah loves all things beauty, skin care, and style. She contributes regularly to our style, wellness, and beauty departments.

Senior Editor

Cora is the Senior Editor at Seashells & Sunflowers. Cora started as a freelance writer while attending the University of Washington in Seattle. She has featured bylines in Hello Giggles, Women’s Health, and Oh Joy. Cora received a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from UW and her Master of Science in journalism from Sacramento State University. Cora is also a budding interior designer and contributes regularly to our home and design departments. She loves helping our community of readers create more functional and beautiful living spaces.

Assistant Editor

Elsie Benson is our Assistant Editor at Seashells & Sunflowers. Elsie is a wellness coach and content creator based in Los Angeles, California. Her passion lies in coaching women into and through the many transitions of self, career, and family. Prior to arriving at Seashells & Sunflowers, Elsie spent several years as a fashion consultant for print and television media in LA. She graduated from the is currently our California-based writer and editor, and enjoys offering a west coast approach to wellness and style. Elsie’s writing has been also featured in InStyle, Elle, and Cup of Jo.

Content Strategist

Naomi is our content strategist at Seashells & Sunflowers. She is also a freelance lifestyle and pop culture writer whose work has also been featured in several well-known online women’s publications, like Womankind and Cupcakes and Cashmere. Naomi loves sharing stories, and has been a prolific writer since childhood. While working as a marketing manager early in her career, she started contributing to a variety of blogs. Writing quickly became a beloved hobby and she decided to pursue a career in writing and content strategy. Naomi lives in Brooklyn with her family, and loves to play tourist and explore new sites in her own city on the weekends.

Editorial Assistant

Emily is our Editorial Assistant at Seashells & Sunflowers. She has had bylines and features in Real Simple, Teen Vogue, and Glamour Magazine. She was born and raised in San Diego, and although currently living in Manhattan, she considers herself a California girl at heart. Emily is lifestyle, fashion, travel, and beauty assistant editor. She is also a podcast host, content creator, and editorial consultant with a love for all things self-care, mental health, and holistic medicine.

Senior Staff Writer

Rosie is our Senior Staff Writer at Seashells & Sunflowers, whose writing has also been featured in Apartment Therapy, Wit & Delight, and Lifestyle. She is born-and-raised in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from UCLA with a double major degree in journalism and marketing. Shortly after college, Rosie moved to New York to pursue a career in digital marketing. Before joining Seashells & Sunflowers, she was on the marketing team at Madewell. Rosie now lives back at home in Seattle with her husband and her cat, Louise.

Staff Writer

Luna is a NYC-based writer with features in Bustle, Domino, Well+Good, and Coffee + Crumps. Luna is a writer and editor covering beauty, style, wellness, women’s issues, and other cultural subjects. Her recent work includes original essays, blog posts, and news articles on topics from pop culture and healthy recipes to targeted marketing. Luna is also a burgeoning chef and the creator a food blog based on the concept of cooking and sharing meals with the people you love.

Staff Writer

Noah s a former freelance writer, turned staff writer at Seashells & Sunflowers. He writes to immerse himself and his readers in new narratives, perspectives, and contexts. As our single male contributor, he is passionate about celebrating and honoring female wellness, and loves to find joy in small and beautiful details in every moment. Noah is also a freelance contributor for Allure Magazine and Glamour, and he resides in NYC with his partner, Adam.

“We are here to inspire you on your path to joy and beauty.”

“Happiness is a habit and the highest form of health – Cultivate it!”

“Find joy in the ordinary. Choose to find the beauty.”