Thank you COVID-19! In addition to…

Thank you COVID-19! In addition to hammering public health and smashing the United States’ economy to smithereens, the global pandemic has highlighted and focused in on yet another victim: our love for our homes. If things weren’t difficult enough, we are now mostly confined to our homes for working, commuting, learning and interacting with others. Simple pleasures, like catching a movie at the cinema, or going for a drink after work with friends are now taking place in the living room and in the kitchen respectively. Yes, we have video chatting apps, and of course, battling the Coronavirus does take precedence (and it would be foolish to say otherwise), but there is no denying that (some of us) are a little tired of seeing the same four walls and are itching to escape them.

But, frankly, it’s still not a good idea to head out into once-populated areas. So if you are going to be stuck indoors, you may as well be living in comfort. So here are a few tips on what to do, if you aren’t comfortable at home.

The Right Temperature

The most important part of comfort in the home is always down to the temperature of the property. It doesn’t matter if you are a tenant or homeowner, potential buyer or landlord, if a home is not kept at a decent temperature, you will end up paying for it at some point down the line. Working at home has effectively meant that you are spending longer away from the climate controls of a commercial building and as such, you may only be coming to realize just how necessary it is to keep all of your HVAC systems in working order. Add to that the fact that your utility bill would likely be going up because of electricity usage, you can afford to find ways to save money on your energy costs.

To improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your commercial space (if you’re working from home, then you may as well consider it a commercial property) it’s best to make sure that your HVAC systems are in good, fully working order. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioner units (where the term HVAC systems gets its name), have a symbiotic relationship. If one part fails, the others over-compensate to keep it all running. This can result in higher humidity, bigger energy usage, or even issues with your health. Cold air can be just as humid too, if the ventilation is not working as it should, since the moisture in the air can’t escape. Moist air is a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, so get in touch with Del-Air and have your HVAC systems upgrades installed without delay.

The Right Posture

If you are one of the many Americans who have been forced to turn your living space into your office, then you may as well be comfortable as you work from home. Don’t forget, the same rules apply at home as they do in the office. Sit up straight, take regular breaks and, if you have to spend an additional cost on work equipment to accommodate and injury or condition, make sure the office is paying for it. The bottom line is that you wouldn’t be a buyer of this type of equipment anyway, so why would you be a buyer now?

The Right Choice

There might come a point whereby the home is just not working for you anymore, or you were considering a move before the pandemic hit. Don’t worry about the does and don’ts, you are allowed to move into a new home despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Admittedly, you do have to be more careful, and limit your interactions with prospective buyers and sellers. Although it wouldn’t be you that is talking to buyers, as sellers, you would normally let the estate agent handle the home sale. However, as many of these are also working from their homes, you might want to find out how to sell your house without the help of a pesky real estate agent. For that, check out Julie Morgan’s blog for tips to cut out the middlemen, and make the real estate transaction yourself.

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