Whether you’re inviting that special someone…
Whether you’re inviting that special someone back to your place for the first time or just looking for a quick hookup with no strings attached, there’s a finesse to having someone over to your place for sex. You want to make a good impression, even if it’s only going to be a one-night stand strictly for intercourse because you don’t want to be the horror story that gets brought up at parties—especially if that person remembers your name. That person might have cute friends and a bad experience could seriously hurt your game in the future. Although sex should be fun and spontaneous, there’s actually a lot that you can do to ensure that your time together goes smoothly. Putting in the prep work will make it better for your partner and ultimately for yourself. You’ll be more at the moment if you’re not worried about external factors influencing your sexual experience. Here are a few tips to help you invite someone over to your place and have a great time once they arrive.

Meet them beforehand.

If you’ve been chatting someone up online and think you’re ready to meet in person, you might be tempted to immediately invite them over for sex, but hold your horses! Good things come with time. Due to the way the Internet works, you want to vet this person before giving them your personal address, because they might be using a fake profile. Make sure you meet up for coffee in a public place before getting your freak on to check for potential red flags. That way you can learn a little more about the person and how to tell if you’re being catfished. This will protect your address and your dignity if they turn out not to be who they say they are.

Entice all of your partner’s senses.

Before you ever meet up with this person, you’ve got to prep your living space for foreplay and beyond. You don’t want your home to feel like “real life.” The truth is, you want your sexual performance to feel otherworldly! Your partner might not be able to focus on having fun if your environment is distracting. Real-life doesn’t always smell great and can be quite messy. Before you go out to meet your date, thoroughly clean your home. That means you should wash and put away your dishes, pick up, vacuum the floor, and wash your sheets! If nothing comes of this encounter sexually, at least you’ll have a clean place to come back to.
Some smells are more difficult to get rid of than others. You don’t want to just cover them up with heavily scented air spray, because the likelihood is that it’ll just mingle with your tropical breeze air freshener. You’ve got to take care of it at its source. For example, if you need to smoke cannabis beforehand to be able to relax on your date, you’ll probably want to get rid of the smell. You might not want this new person to know you’re high or even if they don’t care, the smell of weed isn’t always pleasant. A great way to get rid of the smell is with Veil. The good news is that there’s finally an odor eliminator that targets the smell of cannabis at the molecular level. Veil is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and made locally in the United States. You can spray it on yourself or on your couch. You’ll smell great and your date will be none the wiser.

Update your wardrobe to feel sexy.

It’s easy to avoid buying new underwear when your intimate life is having a dry spell because you’re the only one who sees them. If you’re hoping to open up a new chapter in your healthy sex life, it might be time to clean out the old underwear drawer and order some new ones, so you’re ready to take it to the next level with your future Tinder date. You don’t want to be wearing garments that remind you of the ghosts of boyfriends past. Impress your potential partner with briefs that were purchased just for them.
Thongs are always a showstopper even in older relationships. They’re sure to have your partner taking notice. Just make sure you’re also getting ones that are functional and breathable. You should be able to feel sexy all day long without being uncomfortable. That way you’re ready to be spontaneous if the opportunity arises. Your partner will love that you’re being a little cheeky and you’ll feel empowered once you’ve kicked your old ones to the curb.

Stop watching porn.

At the risk of sounding like a nun, it would actually be better for you to stop watching porn. Porn gives people unrealistic expectations about what their sexual encounters will be like and is often skewed to a male audience. In other words, what you see the porn star doing to the woman that she seems super into, might not actually be pleasurable for your partner. If you were watching porn to get inspiration, you’d be better off just looking up some advice from sex experts online, or if you’re of older age and it’s been a while, research sex tips for mature couples and leave the really crazy positions to the professionals. You’re more likely to hit a homerun being yourself and focusing on your partner’s orgasm.

Make sure you’re performance-ready.

Just like an actor prepares for opening night and has one shot to impress the critics, you’ve got a similar situation in the bedroom. An actor can’t just step onstage and magically know their lines, they have a whole process beforehand. If you’re worried about your performance, consider talking to your doctor. If you’ve noticed less sexual satisfaction or a decrease in your stamina a doctor can take a look at your overall sexual health and provide solutions. Your physician may even recommend taking something like Erectin to boost your stamina. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any supplements or medication. Once you get a clean bill of health, you’ll be ready to “find your light.”
Having the bravery to ask someone over in the hopes of intimacy isn’t always easy, but it’s better to put yourself out there than ignoring your sex drive. Remember to be respectful and get enthusiastic consent before having sex. Your partner will thank you!

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