In a lot of ways, older women can…
In a lot of ways, older women can be much more satisfying to have relationships with. They’re more mature and self-assured than their younger counterparts. They know what they like in a man and have much clearer expectations. It’s not a guessing game, taking a lot of the stress and stakes out of your relationship. They understand the need for casual intimacy and won’t try to push the limits of a relationship once you’ve both set your terms. If that sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, here are a few tips to help you attract a cougar like an older woman.

There’s an app for that.

If you’re looking to meet older women, you’re probably not going to find them on Tinder or Bumble where the 20-year-old girls go for their hookups and to start a romance. You’ll need to use an app that’s more specific for your needs. You’ll need to make accounts at several sugar momma apps.
Older women are often looking for young men to provide them companionship, mutual respect, and a safe space to have their needs met. For an online dating website that’s discreet, check out Ashley Madison. It’s a sugar momma dating site for older women living their best cougar lives. It provides them an escape from their commitments with very little strings attached, although you might get lavished not only with attention, but money and gifts as well. Using reputable websites and apps prevents you from running into scams. You can get rewarded heavily if you flirt with the right sugar momma. If you’ve never been a sugar baby before, look into a site like Seeking Arrangement. It’s a community that’ll welcome you with open arms.

Give some sugar to your Momma.

Yes, a sugar momma is supposed to take care of you with gifts and money, but a mutual bond can make your relationship stronger and more sustainable. Once you’ve been on a few dates, in order to keep your sugar momma interested, plan a surprise for her. If gifts are her love language, consider decking her out in jewelry.
You don’t have to break the bank to find her something she’ll love. When you’re searching for great jewelry clearance is always a strong choice depending on where you’re shopping. Ask her what her favorite color is and go with that or use your observation skills. If she ever wears tortoiseshell glasses, find jewelry that compliments the style she’s already spent years curating. If you’re not sure if you should give your sugar momma a gift, consider that it might be more attention than she’s gotten from her husband or ex in years. You may be rewarded two-fold for your thoughtfulness. Even if you don’t nail her style on the first try, she’ll greatly appreciate the gesture.

Look polished.

In order to attract an older woman and convince her it’s worth dating younger men, you need to appear like you’ve got your life together. The grungy musician look might work on girls, but a real woman is looking for someone sleeker and well kept. A sugar momma has had enough drama in her life. If you look like a heartbreaker, she might walk right by you without a second glance, or simply swipe left.
On your dating profile, you want to come across as healthy and in your prime. You want to look successful and not desperate for some sugar. You should look mature but still look your age. In other words, you want to come across like you can pay your own bills, but that penis growth isn’t going to be a problem, unlike the men her own age. Play around with your profile. When you actually go on dates, ask her what attracted her to you specifically. It’ll sound like you’re maybe getting into some dirty talk, but you’ll actually be doing a little reconnaissance work.

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