Finding out you’re expecting and anticipating…

Finding out you’re expecting and anticipating a new addition to your family is an exciting time. If you’re like most expecting parents, it’s likely that you’re hoping to have everything in your home ready for the day your baby arrives. If you’re wondering about how to prepare your home and life now so that you’re ready when your baby comes, read on for things to think about.

Making a Healthy Home


When you’ve just learned that you’re expecting a baby, most people don’t automatically consider the airflow in their home. However, to give your baby a great start, it’s important to consider ways to make your home healthier. If you’re wondering why you should improve your home’s airflow, consider the importance of clean air for your baby’s newborn lungs.

The great news about looking at your home’s heating and cooling systems is that improving air circulation, getting a duct cleaning, and attending to areas with poor airflow is as easy as calling in an HVAC professional. Not only will your home be healthier, closer to free of allergens, and better for your baby, but by attending to HVAC cooling and heating services, you’ll also experience energy savings financial incentives you can keep for your baby.

Considering Daycare Options


Even if you’ll be staying home with your baby for the first few months, it’s a good idea to begin doing your research when it comes to finding quality care for your baby. Maybe you live in Fairfield and are wondering where you’ll bring your child when it’s time to return to work. A simple Google search like “Fairfield child care centre” is a great first step in beginning to research child care options in your area. Or, if you have friends and family who can recommend a child care facility that’s worked for them, now is a good time to ask to visit.

Some child care centers ask for up to a year’s notice before they can take on a new child. For this reason, you’ll want to schedule tours of daycare centers in your area. Talk to staff about schedules, costs, and what they can provide to help your child grow and be happy while you work.

Engaging in Self-Care


As you wait for your baby to arrive, engaging in activities of self-care is important not only to your own peace of mind but to your baby’s development, as well. Between researching ways to make your home healthier and finding the right daycare for your child, it’s important to remember to take breaks. Be sure to find ways you can spoil yourself as you plan for your baby. Trips to the day spa, naps, baths, books, and beauty products can all be great ways to take care of yourself while you wait for your new arrival.

It’s equally important that you take this time to connect with your partner. In fact, bonding with your partner before your baby comes is a great way to support each other through any worries or concerns about the change in lifestyle ahead. The more conversations you have and laughs you share, the better you’ll be able to work as a team when your baby is here.

By the time you’ve taken care of poor indoor air quality, checked on your HVAC system’s efficiency, engaged in self-care activities, connected with your partner, and planned out even the simplest things, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly nine months pass. When you reach the point of nothing more to do before your baby arrives, do what you can to get rest to prepare for labor and all the fun with your new baby ahead. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

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