The craziest thing about planning a…

The craziest thing about planning a wedding is that regardless of early you start, the stress is always there. Whether it’s one year or two weeks, it can still be equally overwhelming. Hence why proper planning is vital. However, if you don’t know a thing about planning weddings other than getting a tuxedo or gown, don’t worry. We’re here to offer the ultimate wedding planning checklist.

1. Determine your budget.

Cost management is not rocket science, just some arithmetic here and there. So go ahead and make a few calls and do a little market research to get the best service price on items like cake, food, etc. However, before you start writing anything, make sure you clearly define who’s paying for what, so you can pencil their names down.

2. Hire a DJ.

You’ll likely agree with us that the day won’t be much fun without a party DJ. So, it would help if you had time to research and get the best DJ for the special day. If you’re in the Montana area, you might want to consider wedding DJ Billings MT. RMF Entertainment is a DJ company that delivers award-winning professional DJs based out of Montana. When it comes to music, they will take your special event to the next level, as they’re well known to be knowledgeable on all music genres. Furthermore, they’re ranked top 50 in the US as their DJ service is impressive.

3. Choose a photographer.

In addition to good music, a photographer and videographer are vital to properly record all your wedding memories. Likewise, a photo booth rental like those on Clowns4kids is just as good. It’s not compulsory, but it’s a lovely touch. In fact, photo booth rentals have become a staple at wedding receptions as they add fun to the whole wedding altogether.

If you rent from a company like Clowns4kids, the professional staff will set up an open-air photo booth to ensure all is running well. They have years of experience in the trade and will offer the best price for your special event. What’s more, the photos come in black and white or color and offer many borders, backgrounds, and hairstyles that are perfect for a wedding day or birthday party. Indeed, this is such a fun way to keep guests entertained on your big day.

4. Make a guest list.

If you can invite everyone to the wedding reception, go right ahead (just kidding). The reason your budget came first is that you have to cater to your guest from that fund. So, your venue’s capacity, food, and wine will determine how many people you want to invite. As you consider your guest list, don’t forget to account for family pets (they need to have fun too).

5. Contact the caterer.

If you’re lucky, your caterer will handle both food and cakes, so you get to kill two birds with one stone. If not, you’ll need to contact them separately. Take out extra time to taste your cake before the day. In short, ensure that you trust your caterer to deliver a memorable meal.

6. Sort out tuxedos, gowns, and rings.

You don’t want to leave your “uniforms” and wedding bands until the last minute. It’ll be great if the best man and the maid of honor are available. Also, contact the groom’s men and the bridesmaids to prepare their gowns and tuxedos.

7. Book hotel rooms.

If you’re going to have guests from out of town, you’ll do well to help them get a good hotel deal. Luckily, since you’ll be needing plenty of rooms, you may get some great discounts.

8. Choose invitations.

Get in touch with the invitation designers. If you have a budget for hard copy (paper invitations), remember it’ll involve some effort to get them to the guests. Many people opt for e-invitations since almost everyone has email accounts or is on social media. Ensure you know how to send digital invitations properly and try to send them out at least six weeks before. That’s if you have enough time between the proposal and the big day.

9. Sort out transport.

Depending on the location of the venue, it might be best to book a shuttle. This gesture will help transport your guest faster. Even more, don’t forget your limo. Contact a rental company close by, as it makes things a lot easier.

10. Book hair and makeup stylists.

Finally, you’ll also have to contact a professional and honest hairdresser, as well as a stylist and makeup artist. Keep in mind that they always have tight schedules, so you don’t want to sort this at the last minute.

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