Homeowners know the importance of a…

Homeowners know the importance of a great mortgage rate and favorable repayment terms. That being said, if you are thinking of investing in real estate and looking for options to get your new income stream off the ground, it’s important to branch out and build your knowledge of loan varieties and private lender options in order to lock in the best deal possible.

Making use of a loan specifically for flipping homes might sound tough to accommodate, but the truth is that private lenders are more than happy to work with real estate investors in order to provide these fix and flip loans. Indeed, fix and flip loans in Oregon (and all around the United States) represent a staple of hundreds of community real estate markets for homeowners looking to boost their profitability and create a second stream of income for their families.

While a traditional mortgage is built by the banks as an investment in you, the borrower, a fix and flip loan from a private lender recognizes that you are looking to leverage the capital as an investment yourself. Private lenders are more than happy to extend capital or lines of credit for real estate investment purposes to those with a robust plan for future growth.

Start with your own financial background when approaching a new loan.


In order to make the most of you borrowing opportunity, it’s often best to plan ahead during the preceding twelve months or more in order to take advantage of the best lending rates on the market. Mortgage and flip loan lenders want to ensure that their return is all but guaranteed when handing over precious capital. The best way to assuage any concerns is to tame your own personal financial thorns in the months leading up to a new buying opportunity. This is done by improving your credit score and taking control of any nagging cash flow issues before bringing any new debts into your monthly financial picture.

The average American carries around $6,000 in revolving credit card debt, and most of us don’t have an emergency savings account set aside to cover any unexpected expenses. Prioritizing these tasks that revolve around amassing a sizeable emergency cash fund and reducing your existing debt burden is the best way to prove to lenders that you are a known quantity when it comes to borrowed assets for a flip project.

Leverage your borrowed capital for high-value upgrades.


Many homeowners utilize borrowed capital for their bathroom remodel in Tampa or Tempe. Floridian weather—like Arizonan weather—creates a unique strain on the bathroom in particular. Because of the intensely hot summers, residents in these two sun states are often confronted with an additional bathing burden after sporting events, children’s practices, or just a day out on the town.

Fluctuations in humidity and temperature in the bathroom are a normal occurrence, but the continued use will eventually break down the grout and require a remodel to get the property back up to scratch. This is true for homeowners who take great care of their homes, and for buyers who are seeking a real estate investment property in order to flip it for a profit. The bathroom is a high priority for many prospective buyers. By creating a stunning space that provides the ultimate in relaxation and creature comforts you will bring in a significant interest when you do eventually put the home back on the market.

Building a home flipping side business for you and your family is a great way to infuse capital into your savings or retirement account. Make sure you approach the market with a keen eye for detail and a well-crafted financial plan in order to create profitable returns on each of your transactions.

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