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It’s unpleasant to think about, but the fact is that any one of us is at risk for a personal injury at any time. It could be due to a slip or fall, an assault, a car accident, or even medical malpractice. Car and truck accidents are, unfortunately, quite common, with roughly 6 million auto accidents occurring per year in the United States alone. Of these car accidents, roughly 3 million result in serious injuries that require medical care, and over 36,000 wrongful deaths occur due to auto accidents each year.

Regardless of the severity of an injury, getting injured is inherently a stressful thing, and this stress can go beyond the physical pain as well. A personal injury can result in significant medical bills, lost wages due to time away from work, property damage in the event of a car or motorcycle accident, as well as emotional and psychological trauma.

If you believe that you were injured due to the negligence or ill intent of another party, then it’s only natural that you’d seek fair compensation for your suffering. You might seek this compensation from an insurance company, but insurance companies don’t make money by actually paying out personal injury claims. You may even need to file a lawsuit against an insurance company or the person responsible for your injury to get compensation for your medical expenses and other sufferings.

Personal injury cases can be extremely complex, and it’s not recommended that you try to take one on alone. You’ll need a personal injury lawyer with years of experience to guide you through the process every step of the way—even into a courtroom if it calls for that, although most personal injury cases do result in out-of-court settlements. Here are some of the best attorneys in personal injury law who can look out for your best interests as you pursue your case.

Davis Kelin Law Firm


These personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque have been recognized by the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association Foundation, the American Bar Association, and The National Trial Lawyers as one of the top 100 law firms in the nation. The partners, Ben Davis and Zackeree S. Kelin, started their law firm with the goal of representing clients individually in personal injury, wrongful death cases, and more. This legal team seeks more than a fair settlement in a personal injury lawsuit—they seek justice.

Their unique process prepares you for trial, so you can take an empowered stand and have an active role in punishing the wrongdoers who caused your injury. Like most lawyers, they’ll listen to your case during a free consultation, but they also boast that you’ll pay no fees until they resolve your case.

Davis Kelin takes on medical malpractice cases in addition to other injury cases. Malpractice can occur from negligence on a medical professional’s part or due to a deviation from the standards of care. This can include medical errors such as a misdiagnosis all the way up to a serious surgery mistake. Medical malpractice is difficult to prove, and medical professionals typically have some of the best lawyers available, but legal representation from this personal injury law firm can give you your best chance at a favorable verdict.

WIN Legal Services


The WIN Injury Network can connect you with a personal injury attorney in Chicago who can help you with any type of personal injury, including a work injury. If you’ve been unfairly denied workers’ compensation benefits following a workplace accident, a WIN attorney can help you file a lawsuit for the compensation you deserve. These attorneys specialize in seeking damages for medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, as well as pain and suffering.

You may even consider contacting these attorneys after a work accident before you even attempt to file your workers’ compensation claim. That’s because this experienced personal injury attorney knows how employer insurance companies may try to get out of paying benefits, and they can make sure that your case is represented as well as possible right from the start.

Of course, it’s important to remember that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you’ll only pay a percentage of your settlement if you win. While this fact makes a personal injury case fairly low-risk for you, an attorney has to be careful about what cases they take on. Here are a couple of tips for you to present your case as well as possible to an experienced attorney.

Get immediate medical care


It’s always important to get medical attention as soon as possible after an injury for your own safety, but this advice serves a dual purpose for a personal injury case. You need to be able to prove that all of your injuries came from the accident you’re reporting, and having medical records that can back that up gives you a strong case.

You’ll want to keep your medical records spotless as your case goes on as well. This means pursuing any recommended medical treatment and keeping your follow-up appointments. If your records show that you aren’t taking your injury as seriously as you could be, it will reflect poorly on your case. Keeping all your appointments also provides a record of the pace of your recovery, which can be a significant factor in your case and the settlement you can expect if you win.

Collect evidence from the scene


Before you meet with a lawyer to discuss legal options at the free initial consultation, you should have something to bring with you in addition to your medical records. It’s always preferable to have photographic or video evidence of the accident itself, but if this wasn’t possible, it’s still a good idea to return and document the scene. In the event of a car accident, for example, you could photograph any stop signs, skid marks, or anything else that adds further context to the scene. Of course, the police report or any witness statements can be a big help as well.

Injuries often lead to complex cases for attorneys, but accident victims should absolutely pursue their services to ensure they’re treated fairly. While no one can guarantee a successful case, these top attorneys can give you your best odds at a favorable verdict.

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