Our homes are our safe havens….

Our homes are our safe havens. After nearly a year of a pandemic, most of us homeowners are more than well aware of how important it is that we are comfortable at home. Many of us have spent a year making renovations, home improvements, and doing all we can to make our homes even more comfortable than usual.

But after so much time at home, it’s sometimes hard to know if our homes are just right or still need work. If you’re wondering if your home’s comfortable or how you could make it even better, read on.

Climate Control


While juggling online learning and remote work, it’s easy to let regular routines fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, forgetting regular upkeep can directly impact how comfortable we are in our homes. Failing to pay attention to things like our home heating and cooling systems can mean a hit to the budget, too. Keeping up with furnace and AC repair is key to keeping indoor environments comfortable year-round. You can have the biggest, prettiest, or nicest home in the neighborhood but if it’s too hot or too cold, you’ll be miserable. Make sure you’re maintaining a comfortable indoor environment in your home by giving your heating and cooling service technicians a call on a regular basis.

If you’re like many and have been so busy trying to make sense of a new normal, you may have forgotten about those air filters, heat pumps, and HVAC systems that need checking, replacing or attention. Whether it’s your air conditioner, heater, or furnace, paying attention to your indoor climate control and heating and cooling systems will make for a more comfortable place to rest your head.

Using Your Space


If you’re like many, you’ve found new ways to use your home. From home offices to makeshift classrooms, the way we use our homes can add up to better comfort. That is, if you’ve taken the time to access your space and make it work for your new normal, you’re likely better off than you were before the big or small renovations that have come since restrictions and shutdowns. Hopefully, you’ve paid attention to decorating and giving your space some aesthetic appeal with punches of color and more.

For others, the work of making their spaces more comfortable is still to come. Maybe you’re planning new changes like a pregnancy. There’s a lot to know before starting a family, but making your home comfortable is easy. From designing a nursery to preparing bigger spaces for a new baby, the way to know your home’s comfortable for a new family member is to consult your friends and family. Every new parent worries about making their home perfect for a new baby. From safety to good indoor air quality to smaller aesthetic details like a mural for the nursery, experienced parents will be able to offer suggestions for the best way to prepare.

The Five Senses


When trying to figure out if your home is as comfortable as it can be, think about the five senses. Feel is covered by the heating and cooling system check, sight is all set with the new spaces decorated to taste, but what about sound and smell? Aromatherapy tools, such as essential oil diffusers and candles, could be perfect scent additions to your home. As for sound, especially if you plan on having a new little family member, consider how you’re using your home spaces. Whether it’s putting in soundproof insulation or a white noise device, there are always ways to improve sound quality or buffers in your home. As for touch, think of textures. A fluffy throw blanket or area rugs, including for your newest addition, may be a good place to start.

In the end, your home can be as comfortable as you hope to make it. Running through the senses, staying on top of HVAC and other repairs and regular maintenance, and using spaces in the ways that work best for your lifestyle will all go a long way toward living more comfortable. Soon enough, your visitors will think so, too.

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