In the past, our society strongly…

In the past, our society strongly held the belief that the career you choose in your early life is the career you have to stick with until you retire. For older generations, this might have been the easiest option, but there are many factors at play today that make this impractical. Now more than ever, the younger generations are normalizing the concept of changing career paths.

Whether it’s because of a change in your interests and passions, or you’re ready to take on more responsibilities, changing your career path doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are tons of options and resources for people who are ready to switch up their careers, and they are flexible and affordable options. The following are some great tips for getting started and affordable educational resources for preparing yourself.

Education Options for a Career in the Tech Field


The tech industry has been expanding rapidly over the last few decades, and it’s now one of the most lucrative sectors. There are seemingly endless employment opportunities when it comes to Information Technology, computer science, and engineering. Because this industry is in such high demand, a switch to this field can be great for your professional success. If you’re considering pursuing an occupation as a software developer or network engineer, it’s in your best interest to further your education.

NexGenT offers full-scale network engineering training courses without any prerequisites or prior degrees in the field. With the help of their online courses, you can hone your technical skills and launch your career as a network engineer in less time. Their training courses provide students with hands-on experience in the field that you can’t find anywhere else. You can work at your own pace and from your own home while you’re learning from instructors with years of experience in the field of information technology. Beyond the key knowledge and skill set you’ll be gaining within your specialization, you will also be able to receive additional certifications and credentials that allow you to stand out in the workforce.

Continuing Your Education to Enter the Public Sector


The public sector is another area of the workforce with a high demand for new talent. Public administration jobs will always need filling as our society expands and finds new ways to improve public health and safety. If you have a passion for making a difference in your community, a career in public administration might be right for you. Whether your specialization is in sustainability, research, policymaking, urban planning, or social justice, continuing your education will allow you to easily find a career in the broad field of public administration.

Presidio Graduate School offers a comprehensive degree program for a masters in public administration. Public service is an incredibly rewarding career track to take. With the right leadership skills, you can effect real change in the world through the work that you do in the public and nonprofit sectors. Presidio’s MPA program helps future public servants hone their critical thinking and communication skills while offering enriching, real-world internships to prepare their students for future leadership positions. The professors at Presidio have years of experience in the public sector, and they are committed to passing down their specialized knowledge and experiences to future leaders. Their alumni have gone on to create policy changes and actively improve the world we live in.

As an MPA student, you will gain a more nuanced worldview, and this will help you better understand how real change is made on the community level. The coursework for Presidio’s MPA program is both flexible and accelerated. This way MPA students can learn from real-world case studies and weigh their career options all at their own pace. Whether you’re interested in a career in law enforcement, environmental policy, or public finance, or you’re wanting to work at a non-profit organization, an MPA from Presidio will you prepare you for anything.

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