If you ask any homeowner, one…

If you ask any homeowner, one of the most popular home renovation projects is a dream master bathroom. Although there are numerous options for major remodeling projects to increase a bathroom’s stylish look and functionality, there are just as many smaller additions to personalize its overall look and use. With just a few tweaks to your existing bathroom, you can have the luxurious bathroom you’ve always wanted and, in the process, increase your home’s property value. Here, we look at a few ways to use a little home improvement research and creativity to make your bathroom the most stylish room in your house.

Luxury Mirror and Vanity Options


There are different strategies for how you can tackle a bathroom remodel project, each one dependent on your budget and the amount of space available. While the most popular alternations have to do with bathtub and shower installation or new flooring and fixtures, there’s one perfect addition that can work with nearly any size bathroom: a new bathroom mirror and matching vanity. In general, the very addition of a vanity mirror adds a certain amount of style to your bathroom, primarily due to its association with makeup application and fashion.

Aside from nearly endless variations of decorative mirrors to match your bathroom’s color scheme and decor, there are technologies available to make your bathroom mirror even more functional. For example, different brightness settings and light options can mimic the adjustments of professional makeup artists. Different bulbs can even provide additional light settings, eliminating the hassle of depending upon natural light for things like photography. If that seems like a feasible option, there are even lighted mirror options, as well as magnifying mirror options, all of which can provide the professional-grade brightness efficiency of a photo studio’s makeup mirror. When selecting the best makeup mirror with lights, you can also consider an entire vanity table as the perfect complement to the mirror. Many standalone vanity tables come with an adjustable stand for a separate magnifying mirror, as well as multiple drawers for your eye makeup, mascara, and other beauty accessories. Swapping out your existing mirror for a more practical alternative can present you with many options and benefits.

Additional Options for Bathroom Renovations


When you think about a luxurious bathroom remodel, what elements come to mind? Like many homeowners, you may visualize a spa-like luxury bath specifically designed for relaxation. Or, perhaps a large glass shower with an optional seat, providing an ability to use your bathroom as a steam room. Depending upon the bathroom’s size and your budget, these options are absolutely workable renovation projects. In fact, whether you have a pre-existing tub or not, the installation of a beautiful Lux bath and a matching new shower are worthwhile investments. According to Kohler Showers by Legacy Remodeling, both a new shower and expanded bathtub can not only bring you and your family years of enjoyment but boost your home’s property value. At luxbath.com, for example, homeowners can see the many options for various installation variations, as well as the health benefits such additions can provide.

If you decide on major installations for your home, the best possible complements to the bathroom remodel are new floor and shower tiles. Remember that light, cool colors match any minimalist, monochromatic faucet and fixtures you may have installed, while warm tones can accentuate any natural sunlight in the room. Tub and shower tiles can be catered to match either color scheme and, if your project budget permits, can make for easy clean-up. Tiling is ideal for any modern bathroom, as mold and mildew are easily wiped away. This not only allows for low maintenance but guarantees you the most amount of time relaxing in your home’s most stylish and relaxing room!

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