Keeping pests out of your home…

Keeping pests out of your home may feel like a full-time job if you live in a bug-heavy climate. Aside from being unsightly, insects can be hazardous to our health. They can infiltrate our food supply, not to mention their ability to spook even the bravest of souls. Depending on your geographical location, the pests entering your home may have dangerous bites and stings. Suppose you have been struggling to set boundaries against mother nature’s most irritating creations. In that case, the tips below may be able to help.

Consult with a pest control specialist.


Anti-pest chemicals can be dangerous to handle without specialized expertise. Additionally, you may not be aware of the most efficient way to solve your particular pest problem. Consulting with a pest control expert can give you the peace of mind of knowing your pest problem is in the best of hands. It may be beneficial for you to seek a pest control professional who specializes in your specific issue. For example, if you live in a desert climate like Arizona, your best bet may be to search the web for scorpion pest control in Phoenix. Conversely, if you live in the deep woods of Georgia, you may need an expert in mosquito control.

Make sure all gaps and crevices in the home are properly sealed.


Sometimes, it can be helpful to find and eliminate the entry points for pests in your home. Improperly installed windows and doors can leave open cracks and crevices that allow bugs to enter. Additionally, older homes may show signs of wear and tear that create vulnerabilities in the house’s structure. These openings are a beacon of shelter for bugs and other pests to enter, especially during storms. If you live in the Lowcountry, you should be particularly watchful for slugs.

Slugs may enter the home during rainstorms if your doors are not correctly sealed. They are known to be attracted to pet food and also known to be toxic to pets. The last thing you or your pet wants is to find a slug in their food bowl. Even worse, if they ingest the slug, you may be stuck with a costly visit to the emergency vet. Suppose you live in Florida and you’ve noticed an uptick in pest activity after a particularly humid day. In that case, you may benefit from searching Google for roofing companies in Melbourne, FL. They will be able to evaluate the state of your home and identify any possible areas of entry that can be sealed.

Keep a clean and tidy home.


In cold climates, some insects may be attracted to the warmth inside a home. However, they are often also motivated by food. Keeping a tidy kitchen and wrapping up any unfinished food items can help remove the temptation for insects. Wiping down surfaces regularly can also deter pests. Many pests, like spiders, dislike strong smells, which they detect with their limbs. If possible, they prefer to avoid stepping on strongly scented surfaces, like those that have just been cleaned with a solution. Keeping your home free from unattended food and cleansed of accumulated dirt and grime can be an effective anti-pest measure.

Suppose you have been struggling with a severe pest issue. In that case, consult with a pest control expert immediately. In the meantime, try the other tips mentioned above to support your efforts. Eliminating their entry points and removing their food source can be effective ways to deter pests while you await further instruction from a pest control technician. If you rent your home, you may be eligible for pest control reimbursements if the problem is severe enough. Check your lease for confirmation.

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