As the summer weather heats up,…

As the summer weather heats up, homeowners all over the United States are facing the hottest months of the entire year. Even for those families with access to a swimming pool, there is still the business of dealing with the scorching heat while indoors. While the easiest solution may be to pump up the household’s air conditioning unit to full blast, that can also lead to high energy bills. This can lead to many homeowners wondering if there’s a way to beat the summer heat while also maintaining energy efficiency in the household.

More than ever, this may be the most logical time to consider a new air conditioner. However, checking your existing unit for peak efficiency may be the more cost-efficient solution. With an eye on both your family’s comfort and your monthly utility bills, here we will look at a few easy tips to keep everyone in your home cool this summer.

Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance


Unless you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, your best bet to keep cool at home may give your existing AC unit the proper maintenance. Although there are many new cost-efficient styles of air conditioning units, good maintenance is important no matter which type of air conditioner is installed in your home.

If you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t pumping the needed cool air, you may want to inspect the unit’s ductwork and ventilation systems, especially the air filters. Keep in mind that both your air conditioner and heating system run through the same ducts and filters. This means those areas get double the amount of use year-round. Over time, ducts and air filters can become clogged with debris. This slows the airflow, ultimately forcing the air system to run less efficiently. Dust, pollen, and other allergens can all contaminate the home’s indoor air quality and cause wear and tear on the HVAC system.

If you’ve noticed that your family has to pump the air conditioning unit to maximum power more often, or your home has an unusual feeling of humidity, it may be time to change out those filters. HVAC technicians recommend that you change your filters approximately every two months, which can help your air conditioner run more efficiently and with less energy, while also lowering your monthly utility bills.

Water Delivery for Your Home


Have you ever wondered “where is there bottled water delivery near me?” If you have, then the good news is that water company deliveries can usually accommodate households within a reasonable radius. Almost all regions in the U.S. have a number of water companies that will make the trip to bring their fresh, natural spring water right to the front door. Additionally, most water companies will also pick up the empty bottles for return delivery to a recycling center. This makes water delivery both energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Most homeowners don’t realize that having a water cooler in the house is an energy-efficient way to keep cool. While it’s true that a standalone water cooler requires its own power source to keep the water dispenser nice and cold, there are ways to keep an eye on its usage. Many homes have modern refrigerators with their own water dispenser feature. However, for those that don’t, having a water cooler in the kitchen can be the ultimate summer necessity for any family facing the heat. Even in the instance that your fridge does have its own water dispenser, there’s the pragmatic option of using the standalone water cooler only during the hottest month of the year. This can ease the burden of the refrigerator’s own power consumption, while also guaranteeing spring water during the times of the year you need to keep cool the most!

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