Have you heard strange noises around…

Have you heard strange noises around your house? This is a common occurrence for many homeowners. Whether it’s due to your appliances needing maintenance, animals living within the walls, or the house expanding and condensing on its foundation, noises can be alarming and should be addressed.

While some noises can be frightening and even wake you up in the middle of the night for fear it’s an intruder or burglar, other noises might be worrisome because you may suspect they are an indication of an appliance or system within the household needs maintained or repaired. We are going to go over some of the reasons you might be experiencing strange noises in your home, how to identify them, as well as what can be done about them.

Appliances need to be maintained or repaired.


One of the most common reasons homeowners experience strange noises in their homes is that one or more of their appliances or systems are running, malfunctioning, or in need of maintenance. Whether it’s your washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, HVAC system, or furnace, you should address most of these noises immediately if they pose a danger to you and your family.

For example, if you hear high-pitched squealing or squeaking sounds coming from your furnace, that’s a good indication your furnace may have a faulty belt or broken fan motor. It could also be a misaligned blower motor, so it’s important to have a professional come and check it out. If you hear a clicking noise coming from your furnace, it’s likely an indication the furnace is failing and could result from worn motor bearings or issues with the gas valves.

Because most furnaces run on gas, they pose the greatest danger to people inhabiting the home. Any noise coming from a furnace should be addressed immediately and made a priority to repair. Otherwise, this can cause further issues.

Animals are living within your walls.


One of the less dangerous causes of strange noises within your home is the possibility of animals living within your walls. Even if your home is new, small rodents and large colonies of insects can make a home within your walls.

If you hear any scratching, hissing, or clicking noises behind your walls, you should make a call to a local pest control company, and they will be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to which steps to take next. If you suspect animals are migrating into your attic during the day or night for a safe place to sleep, it might be a good idea to install home security devices with a motion sensor in the attic to see what type of animal it is so you can be more prepared. Many of these devices are compatible with a smartphone or smart home device, so you could even watch it from work to give you peace of mind.

In rare instances, an infestation could occur, so be sure to immediately address the issue if you suspect animals live within your walls.

You could have a gas leak.


One of the most dangerous causes of strange household noises is a gas leak. You will most likely smell the gas if this is the case, but not always. Gas leaks often sound like a very faint hissing noise in the area where the gas leak is suspected.

Whether it’s your furnace or gas stovetop, you should always address gas leaks immediately due to the potential danger involved. If you suspect a gas leak, be sure to call a technician right away to come to check it out.

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