Homeowners and soon-to-be-buyers always face the…

Homeowners and soon-to-be-buyers always face the risk that an appliance will fail, or a major system such as plumbing or HVAC will need costly repairs. Home repairs can take a big bite out of your budget, but you can give yourself some peace of mind by purchasing a home warranty. A home warranty covers the service repair or replacement of major systems and home appliances. This is especially helpful if you own older appliances whose manufacturer warranties are no longer valid.

How does a home warranty work?


A home warranty is a fairly straight-forward type of coverage. When a system or appliance breaks, the homeowner contacts the home warranty company, who will then contact an affiliated service technician. The home warranty company pays for appliance replacement and installation in the event it can’t be repaired. The homeowner is only responsible for paying a nominal trade service fee.

When buying a new home, either the seller or the buyer pays for the home warranty coverage. It’s customary for a seller to include a home warranty as a buyer benefit. In some instances, real estate agents give buyers a home warranty as a closing gift.

Repairing or replacing major systems unexpectedly is a costly hassle, and costs for plumbing and HVAC systems are rising. Home systems are put to the test in areas with constant high humidity and face more than normal wear. The AFC Home Club is one of the best home warranty companies in GA when it comes to outstanding service and the best coverage for expensive home repairs.

This home warranty provider offers the longest workmanship guarantee on repairs and replacement costs for major appliances including dryers, washers, refrigerators, stoves, ice makers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, air conditioning, heating systems, furnaces, water heaters, plumbing, ductwork, and septic systems. The Georgia home warranty provider offers homeowners a range of warranty plans and additional coverage options to suit every budget.

Buying the Right Home Warranty


Buying the best home warranty for your homeowner’s needs is fairly simple. Start by determining your warranty coverage needs. Major home systems and appliances that are older and no longer have active manufacturer warranties are more likely to break down and need replacement than newer systems. If your appliances or systems are likely to fail, it’s a good idea to get a comprehensive plan.

Not all home warranty companies offer the same quotes and coverages. Finding the perfect solution takes a bit of research. Ask friends and family for recommendations, read up on customer reviews, and use your real estate agent as a resource. Always read the fine print of a home warranty contract for hidden clauses or exclusions before signing off.

What’s covered by a home warranty?


The type of plan you choose will vary by state and warranty provider. It’s important to read the fine print for hidden exclusions on certain types of systems or appliances. The general coverage of a home warranty includes air conditioning, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, furnaces, duct systems, hot water heaters, ceiling fans, electrical systems, and garbage disposals.

Having a functional central air system is important for homeowners living in warm climates. When it comes to noise and energy efficiency, ducted air conditioning is a far better option than a traditional system. Unlike a ductless system that blows air from a single indoor unit or outdoor unit into one room, air ducts carry airflow throughout the home and push it through vents. Flexible ducts allow for the customization of functions to meet your heating and cooling needs.

The trained technicians at Air Conditioning Advisory Center provide routine air conditioner servicing that keeps your unit in peak performing condition. Maintaining your central system is the best way to keep your utility bills in check, achieve higher efficiency, enjoy better climate control, and prevent costly emergency repairs.

Purchasing a home warranty gives homebuyers peace of mind when it’s necessary to pay a service call fee for unexpected repairs and mechanical replacements.

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