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Everyone can use a bit of good luck, and a lucky charm can offer a bit of that fortune. If you’re looking for a good luck charm, you might find that that choosing your lucky charm based on your zodiac sign is an effective method for finding the right charm for you. Even with that cosmic guidance, though, you’ll still need to find your lucky charm from somewhere in your life. No matter your zodiac sign’s ideal charm, you can find one that works for your life.

Aries: A Key

Associated with Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft, keys are symbols of unlocking doors—or, in Aries’ case, unlocking your goals. To find your ideal symbol of a key, browse those boxes in the attic, or head to Etsy for the best in vintage pieces. Add a chain to create a necklace, or hold your lucky key in your pocket as you go about life, sparking a little more luck along the way.

Taurus: A Horseshoe

Horseshoes are lucky thanks to an old Irish superstition, not to mention the powerful qualities associated with iron. Plus, it’s grounding to this practical earth sign. If you have the good fortune of access to a farm or ranch, discarded horseshoes will be easy to come by. Otherwise, ask around—a loved one might just offer you this common lucky gift.

Gemini: Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy dice aren’t just an adornment to look for in classic cars, they’re also thought to be lucky. This lucky charm prioritizes Gemini’s love of motion and camaraderie, growing popular with pilots in the wake of World War II. You’ll find these in auto supply shops, your favorite all-purpose store, or you can even make your own lucky set.

Cancer: Dolphin Symbols

The auspicious dolphin is the perfect good luck charm for this water sign. Any trip to the boardwalk is sure to feature plenty of statues, pendants, and other pieces featuring this aquatic mammal. If a beach day isn’t in your immediate future, consider your ideal item—whether that’s a statuette, a piece of jewelry, or something else entirely—and search your favorite online store for just that.

Leo: Something Gold

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Alamos Gold, Turkey, United States, Mexico, and Canada projects? Look no further than your very own pot of gold. Look for gold jewelry for an especially easy charm or opt for some household goods that highlight this shining metal.

Virgo: Evil Eye

Most popular in the Middle East, the evil eye is the perfect piece to ward off negativity that can detract from these earth signs’ best lives. A friend or family member traveling east might find an evil eye pendant to offer you, but you’ll find plenty of pieces online and within the United States, too.

Libra: A Triangle

For some, the triangle as a lucky charm may come as a surprise. However, it’s the perfect good luck charm for the balance-focused Libra. Find jewelry that highlights triangle pendants, clothes, and accessories highlighting your personal lucky charm. The three sides form the equilibrium Libra craves, offering all the lucky stability they could hope for.

Scorpio: A Snake

Ophidiophobic Scorpios might struggle with this charm, but a snake will be the best item for them to cherish for luck. Of course, you could bring home your own pet python to spark a little luck in your home. Or, you can opt for some snake-shaped jewelry or accessories to show off your good fortune.

Sagittarius: An Arrow

A Sagittarius is always exploring and moving forward, so an arrow is the perfect good luck charm. Here, too, jewelry can be helpful for keeping your lucky charm close, and you’ll surely find plenty of home goods and other items showing it off. You could even take this charm in an especially creative way with a street sign pointing your way!

Capricorn: Four-Leaf Clover

Capricorn’s ambition can become reality with this common good luck charm. Head to your favorite store around St. Patrick’s Day to find a little bit of everything sprinkled with the luck of the Irish. Any Irish-centered shop will show the same sorts of items year-round, and you’ll find everything from jewelry to dedicated good luck charms you can carry with you.

Aquarius: A Ladybug

This unique insect is an ideal Aquarius lucky charm, flying this air sign into good fortune. Keep an eye out for ladybugs in your daily life or keep this charm in mind when you shop normally—you’ll be surprised at the items that will highlight this symbol.

Pisces: Dream Catcher

Pisces is always dreaming, so it makes sense that their lucky charm would filter out nightmares. This sensitive sign will want to be especially conscious of their purchases, choosing indigenous sellers and creators to support when they buy a dream catcher to call their own. From gold and four-leaf clovers to fuzzy dice and evil eyes, your zodiac sign can help you to find a lucky charm that will guide you into good fortune as you move throughout life.

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