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Moving as a whole involves an endless list of pre-move and post-move to-do lists that may sometimes feel overwhelming. Add to this the ceaseless packing and decluttering, looking for a moving company, and following up with service providers and your moving schedule is packed. With all these seemingly pressing items to tick off your to-do list, home improvement projects are probably the last things on your mind, right?

Despite the hassle of moving, it’s prudent to best to tackle home renovation projects however small or big they may be before moving into your new home. Besides being a surefire way to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape, renovating your home before you move in can allow you to add those extra touches that’ll make your new home feel personal to you. Use this quick guide to help you prioritize your home renovations.

Garage Storage


To begin with, consider the size of your new house’s garage. Will you be able to store all your extra belongings in there or will you need to add extra storage shelves? If building a DIY storage shelf or bench will still not provide you with adequate storage space, consider renting out a storage unit. Most movers, like Solomon & Sons Relocation, offer storage solutions as part of their relocation services. Besides being a great way to declutter, the storage units by Solomon and Sons Relocation are well secured, climate-controlled, and flexible to use.



Regardless of whether you intend to do it yourself or hire a trusted contractor to do it, it’s easier to paint an empty room. There’ll be no need to protect or worry over damage to furniture, draperies, clothes, mirrors, and any other household belongings you hold dear.

In terms of health, it’s important to note that most paints have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the skin and respiratory system. VOCs are airborne particles that are released into the atmosphere. For people with allergies, preexisting respiratory conditions, or skin problems, this could result in asthma, eczema, and rhinitis flare-ups.

If you’re doing the painting yourself, ensure that the rooms are well ventilated to allow for direct airflow into the room. This means leaving the windows open for as long as possible, especially if you intend to move into your new place in a couple of days after the paint job is completed.

Aesthetically speaking, if it’s taking you a minute to figure out a color scheme for your new home, try painting everything in a neutral and clean white, pastel, or beige, and then build on this as you get a feel of your new place.

Pool Design


If you’re looking for custom swimming pool design and construction in Emmaus, PA we recommend the team at B&B Custom Pools. With 47 years of experience in building and renovating concrete pools, you can trust them to know what they’re doing when it comes to renovating your ground pool in the Fort Lauderdale area and all over South Florida. They also partner with top landscapers in Emmaus to customize your backyard area into a unique oasis.

Construction companies sometimes find it difficult to hire the right contractors with the skills that meet their needs. Luckily, with the help of the Workyard app, a workforce management solution, they can now find competent workers (both foremen and apprentices) while also having the technology needed to efficiently manage their labor costs, time, and insurance. Workyard is a great solution for companies that hire an hourly workforce since it becomes their HR department and handles the tedious admin work such as timecard management and job allocation reports.



Depending on the status of your new place ( whether a fixer-upper or brand new) your floors will probably have experienced some wear and tear and in some cases, pet stains and smells. This being the case, it makes sense to want to refloor your home soon after you buy it, and before you take up residence within it. While the cost of doing this may seem exorbitant at the beginning, the payoff is well worth it.

Whether you’re looking to get your carpets redone, your tiles replaced, or your hardwood floors polished, it’ll save you a pretty penny to have these issues looked into before you move in. Think about it, with your furniture all about the place when the flooring company is installing a new carpet, aren’t you worried about potential scuffing? Especially on antique furniture. Hire builders ahead of time and save yourself the worry.

Exterior Locks


It doesn’t matter if the previous homeowner seemed trustworthy or nice, you can’t risk your family’s security. What’s more, you don’t quite know how many other people have copies of this key. To avoid any security-related surprises, have a locksmith replace all of the locks before you move in. This is the only way to control who has access to your home.

Deep Cleaning


Every home can benefit from having a proper deep cleaning, especially in common areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. For added care, also ensure that your drawers and cabinets in all areas of the house are properly cleaned.

You can never do too much when it comes to your home’s hygiene, so for extra cleanliness, install shelf liners and drip-protectors to preserve the shelf life of your cabinets.

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