Aging isn’t something most people look…

Aging isn’t something most people look forward to. At the same time, people who live long lives are said to have been given a privilege not everyone is afforded. To live our best lives for as long as possible, it’s important to get regular health checks as we age. Sadly, some people neglect certain areas of health for a variety of reasons. If you are getting older and want to extend your quality of life well into the future, here are a few health checks you’ll want to put on your bucket list.

Back and Neck Pain


Many middle-aged adults make the mistake of ignoring minor neck and back pain. For people who work in the trades, this can be particularly dangerous. If you work with your body every day and are doing a lot of lifting or moving around at work, it’s important to schedule regular appointments with a chiropractor at the first sign of neck pain or back pain. For as much as we’d all love to maintain our physical stamina from when we were young, the reality is that physical labor can take a toll on our bodies as the years move forward. Taking pain seriously can mean adjustments and the type of chiropractic care that extends not only our physical health but in many cases, careers.

Getting the right chiropractic care can be as simple as calling for an initial appointment. In most cases, you won’t need a doctor’s referral. Chiropractors can be easy to find online, too. For example, if you live in Lone Tree, Colorado, a Google search for “Lone Tree chiropractic” will point you in the direction of Governor’s Park Chiropractic where licensed chiropractors are waiting to help you.

Regular Screenings


If you don’t have a regular doctor right now, it might be time to get one. A primary care physician can help you remember to get the regular screenings you’ll need to stay on top of your health as you age. It’s important to know that while all people should get regular physicals, men and women have different health screening needs as they get older. For women over forty, for example, yearly mammograms are important to rule out breast cancer. For men over fifty, prostate exams are a must.

While some people dread regular screenings the same way they might dread going to the dentist, staying on top of regular and annual exams is a great way to reduce your chances of finding out too late that you have a serious disease that’s advanced. Do yourself a favor, and make these appointments the same way you would regularly shop for womens underwear or seasonal clothing, and you’ll thank yourself for it down the road.

Mental Health


Many people overlook the importance of mental health to overall wellbeing. The truth is that mental wellness is connected to physical wellbeing. Studies show that people who take care of their mental health are more likely to pay attention to their physical health, too. If you’ve been feeling sad, depressed, lonely, or hopeless, now might be a great time to contact a licensed therapist for a treatment plan to improve your mood. There’s still a lot of living left for you to do!

Ultimately, to give yourself the best chance possible for long and healthy life, it’s important to stay in regular contact with your health care providers and keep up to date with check-ups. The same way you might have taken a sports injury seriously when you were younger, you’ll want to pay close attention to neck pain, migraines, and the aches and pains that can come with aging just to buy yourself peace of mind and catch anything more serious early on.

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