Dealing with old appliances is one…

Dealing with old appliances is one of those skills you’re supposed to figure out as an adult. Things happen, and you are forced to learn as you go because that’s life. When dealing with appliances that aren’t working the way they should, you may be forced to buy new, which leaves you with the old. Old appliances can be trashed, but that is wasteful. A better idea is to find ways to upcycle your old appliances to give them new life in your home. Here are a few ideas for upcycling old appliances.

1. Thermostat


Thermostats are small and seem fairly simple, so it’s probably fair to assume they will last forever. However, a thermostat is only meant to last about a decade. That means 10 years is a good long life for your thermostat. So, what are you supposed to do with them when they need to be replaced? They’re small, so most people probably throw them away.

However, you’re crafty and environmentally conscious, so you don’t like just throwing things in the trash. The small round thermostats have an awesome vintage look and can be repurposed as part of the décor or worked into a larger art piece. The rectangle boxed-shaped ones can be taken apart so that the box part is empty of the mechanics and put back on the wall as a place to hide keys, money, or other small items. They’ll be safe because anyone who sees it will assume it is a normal thermostat.

2. Dryer


Dryers can be fun to upcycle because you can do so many things with the dryer drum. When deciding if your dryer is worth saving, you need to consider the potential fire hazard you have due to the lint trap. Dryer fires are hazardous and can lead to a whole house fire. You can prevent the dangers caused by a clogged dryer vent by ensuring it remains unclogged with dryer vent cleaning and getting regular checks done on your appliance to ensure they are running safely and effectively. The good idea is to check for a clogged dryer vent monthly and make sure that none of the dryer lint is getting near the water heater, often in the laundry room. If you determine the dryer to be too old to safely keep, which may be the case if it hasn’t been made in the past decade, you can take it apart and repurpose the drum for a fire pit, a side table, a planter, a cooler, or even a hanging light.

3. Old TV


If you need a great idea for an old TV, look no further. Old box TVs are vintage-looking and make great home accessories. You can use it to create shelves or make an herb garden, or you can give it new life as an aquarium or a pet bed. The older the TV, the more you can do with it. The ancient console-style televisions can be upcycled into chairs or tables,

4. Refrigerator


Refrigerators are large and heavy, so you may think you need to have someone come to your house and haul it away, which will cost money. However, there are always ways to upcycle old appliances, and refrigerators are no different. An old refrigerator can be upcycled into a storage cabinet. It can be put on its back and turned into a large outdoor cooler for parties. It can also be turned into a large planter. You can keep the door on for the storage or cooler or take it off to make it an open space. Some outer decor and paint can transform it completely, so people won’t realize it was a refrigerator.

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