Every Valentine heralds the giving of…

Every Valentine heralds the giving of gifts. Everybody is on the look for the perfect present that symbolizes their love. These gifts represent our affection for our loved ones and ourselves (yes, you can give yourself a gift). Hence, giving a great gift conveys deep heartfelt emotions while giving a terrible one may indicate a lack of affection. Although, this may not always be the case as some of us are just bad at choosing gifts.

A rule of thumb is to go a step further than the regular flowers and chocolate. Get a gift that compliments your partner’s personality. For example, if your partner is an avid reader, then a journal or a book of poetry may be right up their alley. In this light, we will share with you a list of great gifts divided into introverts and extroverts.

Valentine Gifts For The Introvert

While introvert may be too broad to be used to describe a specific personality type, introvert people, no matter how different they may be, share some basic similarities.


Books are probably the safest bet as it is rare to find an introvert that doesn’t love reading. This doesn’t mean that just any book will do, introverts tend to be quite particular about things. You must carry out your due diligence of finding out the types of books he or she likes.

Scented Candles

Introverts love their personal space, and anything that makes that space more comfortable is always appreciated. And just like with books, you should first find out his or her favorite scent before purchasing.

Electronic Gadgets

Not every introvert is interested in technology, but when they are they really go all in. Hence, new gadgets and gizmos easily get them excited, especially when it makes specific tasks easier. These gadgets don’t have to be flashy or expensive; something simple, like a portable blender that’s also a cup or an electric hanger that easily dries clothes, would be greatly appreciated. You can get electronic products at discounted prices at TheStore.

Video Games

This is probably the ultimate gift for the introvert. You can start saving for the Play Station 5 consoles coming out later in the year, or you can buy game CDs if your friend already has a console. We recommend The Witcher, PubG, Fortnite, Fifa 2020, Call of Duty, and a list of others.

Valentine Gifts For The Extrovert

Extroverts love outings, parties, adventures, and usually have a lot of positive energy. Here are some gift ideas for them.

Photo Manager

The extrovert who is always out and about will definitely take lots of photos and will probably complain about not having enough space while simultaneously refusing to delete old photos. Sound familiar? The perfect gift for that person is cloud storage in the form of a photo manager online. A photo manager, like the one made by ibi, saves all your photos in a single location in your home; this device comes with 1 Terabyte worth of storage and is portable.

New Clothes

A person who is out and about will appreciate anything that facilitates his or her activities, in this case, clothes. A shopping spree is a gift he or she won’t forget for a long time.

Trips And Physical Activities

A planned trip or physical activity, like camping, is perfect for the extrovert. Get them out of the house and into nature—this unexpected romantic gesture will wow someone who is eager to get out the door.

A Calendar Or Planner

A personalized planner for the busy-body would be the perfect gift for the extrovert in your life. Since extroverts are also oftentimes workaholics, a thoughtful planner can help keep their appointments in check.

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