There are a number of reasons…

There are a number of reasons why people might not go to the doctor or avoid seeking treatment, even if they’re experiencing pain or other symptoms that may require immediate attention. Sometimes, people are afraid of or have fears connected to medical procedures, hospitals, or doctor’s offices. In other cases, people may feel their condition is embarrassing. In many cases, people don’t want to avoid the doctor but simply don’t have the money or resources to get the care they need. If you’re concerned about your health, read on to learn more about resources that can help you get the medical advice you need.

What resources can help you access medical care?


One development in the industry that has expanded access to medical care significantly is the introduction and popularization of telemedicine and virtual office visits. vIOP is one great example of how technology is helping doctors reach patients and provide treatment in an innovative way. This intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to help teenagers and young adults learn more their mental health struggles and help them make strides toward overcoming them.

Another common problem health care professionals have observed is the difficulty patients have in obtaining and affording the medications they are prescribed. The rising cost of prescription drug prices and lack of access to affordable medications can be a significant barrier to many people.

One option is to look for a Canada pharmacy that ships to the United States. Sometimes, Canadian drugs can be more affordable than their counterparts in other countries. This isn’t true for every medicine, but you should research all your options if you want to find the best price for the prescription drugs you need. Keep in mind that these pharmacies are not prescribers, and you will need a valid prescription in order to purchase your medication.

Why is seeking immediate care important?


Sometimes, people don’t understand why it’s so important to address medical issues as they arise and keep up with preventive care like regular physicals. Though often individuals don’t realize it at the time, the consequences of ignoring symptoms you experience can be dire. All of the problems that were already present have only been made worse by the ongoing public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

One woman, Teresa Ruvalcaba, who developed severe chest pain in Chicago didn’t go to the doctor because of her fear of missing work and of catching COVID-19 when visiting the doctor. When she did eventually have herself evaluated, the doctor discovered that she had advanced inflammatory breast cancer. The hospital’s oncologist, Dr. Paramjeet Khosla, believes if she had come in six months earlier, she would have only needed surgery and chemotherapy. Now, her cancer is incurable.

Not every case will result in a diagnosis as severe as Teresa’s, but her story illustrates why it is so important to seek care as soon as you notice something is wrong. Even if you feel fine, your annual physical and checkups with specialists that you see regularly will give you a better chance at early intervention in the case of illness or disease and reduce the risk of more dire outcomes.

There are many understandable reasons that people are hesitant to seek medical treatment, even when they believe something might be wrong. However, there are resources available for those in financial need and professionals who will help to alleviate any fears you have prior to going to the doctor. These are problems that do have solutions, but the cost of delaying care can result in health issues that are lifelong or that can even be fatal. If you have any health concerns that you’re avoiding treatment for, talk to a medical professional about the reason for the delay; you may be surprised by how much they can do to help get you the care you need.

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