All of your life, your parents…

All of your life, your parents have looked out for you, making sure you were fed, loved, clothed, and had what you needed to turn into the responsible adult you now are. Now that they are getting older, however, it’s time for you to look out for them in the same way. Properly looking out for your elderly parent is more than just taking them to the healthcare center in Denton, MD for a checkup when the need arises. 

This is because the signs of aging aren’t as obvious as one might think, and missing a warning sign that your parent needs help can end in a visit to the emergency room or much, much worse. In this article, we will go into a few of the warning signs you need to watch out for that will tell you that your parents need help. 

Watch For Signs Of Alzheimer’s 

One thing that you should keep an eye on with your elderly loved one is the warning signs of Alzheimer’s. Many loved ones have asked the question, “What are the signs of Alzheimers?” over the years, and received answers from professionals that they trust. The biggest signs to watch for are listed below. 

  • Memory loss
  • Finding it difficult to perform daily tasks
  • Problems with language
  • Disorientation 
  • And more 

If you notice any of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s in your parents, it is best to get them to a doctor as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and possible treatment. 

You Find Bills And Mail Piling Up

While opening the mail and paying bills may seem like a small task, it can become overwhelming for a senior as they get older. If they were always on top of looking at their mail and always paid their bills on time, the sudden pileup and past-due bills are a cause for concern. Either it has become too much for them to handle alone, or living on a fixed income has made it where they aren’t able to meet their monthly bills with what they make and really need your help in that department. 

You Notice New Dents And Scratches On Their Car

It’s been a super long time since your parents drove you to school or back and forth to basketball practice, so you might not really know anything about their driving habits. However, if you are constantly seeing new dents, scratches, and other damage, then it’s possible that your parents’ vision and coordination skills are starting to deteriorate. 

Also, reaction times tend to slow as you age, meaning they aren’t as apt to be able to stop if something happens. Also, if they complain about their insurance rates suddenly going up, it could be from fender benders that you don’t know about. Sit down and talk to your parents with delicately about this problem if you suspect their age is causing accidents with the car. 

You Find Spoiled Food in Their Fridge 

If every time you visit, you find food that is way past the expiration date in their fridge or leftovers that are growing things, your parents’ health may be declining faster than you think. This could mean that they are having problems reading the expiration dates or that they are forgetting to check them. Sit down and talk to them about this, as you don’t want them eating or drinking something that is expired. 

These are just a few of the warning signs you should watch out for as your parents get older. Remember, they were always there to take care of you, now it’s your turn to take care of them.

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