With a New Year comes the…

With a New Year comes the determination to eat healthier, exercise more, and even make better life choices. While making these resolutions is important, in the midst of all those New Year’s resolutions, people often forget to make concrete choices to protect the environment around them. Keeping that in mind, read on below for a few of the top eco-friendly choices you should make for the New Year ahead. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

From recycling your used cooking oil collection to making sure soda bottles and cans make their way into the proper bin in front of the house, one of the best ways to protect the environment is by choosing to recycle in the New Year. Whether at work or at home, it’s important to implement a recycling program that your employees and your family can get behind. 

Go Solar 

While a little bit more expensive of an option than some on the list, having solar panels in Arizona installed in the New Year is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. The reality is that solar panels are no longer just for the rich and famous. With the modern tech available and so many people making the switch, solar panels are affordable for just about everyone’s budget. 

Not only are they affordable, and reduce your impact on the environment, solar panels will also reduce your energy bills quite a bit, making this a win-win for the earth and you and your family as well. 

Receive and Pay Your Bills Online 

There are many different reasons to go paperless with your bills, from it being easier to it being more organized. However, the biggest benefit is the impact it has on the earth around you. Get on your computer and set up all of the bills to be delivered to you electronically, then it’s a simple matter to log in and pay them as they come in.

It’s convenient, easier, and saves the trees needed to make the paper to send the bills through the mail. This is one of the easiest things for you to do on our list if you’re wanting to go green in the New Year. Take the plunge and sign up for paperless billing today to do your part to protect the earth for the future of the children. 

Stop Using Disposable Cups 

Another simple, but impactful choice to make for an eco-friendly New Year is to do away with your morning coffee in a disposable cup. You would be surprised at the staggering number of disposable cups that end up in landfills on a weekly basis. Most stores offer mugs that you can purchase and even give discounts for people on coffee who bring in their own mugs to fill. Besides, you don’t really know where those disposable cups have been now, do you? Make the switch to a travel mug from your local stop and do your part to protect the environment just by making this one simple change to your morning routine. 

Try to Travel in an Eco-Friendly Way 

Do you really need to drive your car to the corner store for a drink? If you live within walking distance of where you want to go, why not walk it instead. You can also ride your bike to many places as well. Traveling by bike or foot saves the environment and is better for your overall health as well. 

These are just a few of the top choices you should make in the New Year to be more eco-friendly in 2020. You’ll be happy that you did! 

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