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Becoming a homeowner in the United States is an exciting proposition. You’re granted more freedom than you’ve ever had as a renter, you obtain what’s likely to be your greatest financial asset, you have more ways to boost your credit score and build wealth, and you can even make significant changes without a landlord’s permission. Perhaps the biggest downside you’ve noticed is that you’re now responsible for all the regular maintenance, as well as potentially costly repairs if things go wrong.

Naturally, preventive maintenance is extremely important, and there are several things around the house that you can handle yourself. Creaky doors, leaky facets, and simple building projects are all things that you can likely DIY. Of course, there are more serious issues that may require you to bring in the pros, such as bad plumbing, electrical problems, or major systems failing. No matter what you need, here are some simple and affordable ways you can take care of the upkeep of your home.

Go for a stylish bathroom remodel.


There are plenty of reasons to remodel your home, including making it safer, boosting your personal enjoyment of your home, and even increasing its resale value. If you’re living in the Tampa Bay area, you can accomplish all three goals in one go with a Tampa bathroom remodel. Perhaps your home safety needs are changing due to an aging resident, such as may happen if your parents are living in the home. A Tampa remodeling service can give you a new bathroom with a tub to shower conversion or even a walk-in shower with guardrails.

If you’re looking to improve your style, a bathroom remodel is a great way to take care of that, too. If you have an old, stained bathtub or if your bathroom tiles are chipping—both things that can make your house seem dated—you can have these replaced with new options that can instantly make your space look modern. It’s often a good idea to think about your floor tiles as well since it’s easy to replace plain designs with something more intricate that can impress guests.

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value a bit, then aside from upgrading your style, you should look into energy efficient upgrades as well. Replacing old lighting fixtures with new ones that use LED bulbs is a great step, as is installing a low-flow showerhead to lower water consumption. A bathroom remodels that focuses on efficiency will save you money in the long-term and make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Keep your appliances in good shape.


Maintaining your appliances as you use them will generally keep them in working order for a long time, and it will also save you serious costs on appliance repair and replacements. This doesn’t just apply to kitchen appliances like your freezer, refrigerator, oven, or blender, either. Regularly check your washer to ensure it has good water flow, and make sure your dryer is getting clothes dry on the first attempt. You even need to keep an eye on your water heater to make sure it’s free of leaks, strange gurgling sounds, or any other signs that indicate an impending disaster.

While it’s always recommended to get a technician to come out for serious plumbing issues or anything electrical, there are some appliance repairs that you can handle yourself—with the right help. DIY refrigerator repairs are a great example. The average person, with just a bit of technical skills, can fix most appliance issues if they’re coached by an experienced technician. With virtual appliance repair, you can book an appointment with a technician using an online form, and they’ll guide you step-by-step on repairs that will get you the same results as paying for a contractor. The difference is that virtual repair services can be as cheap as $30, so you’ll save significantly on costs for common problems and gain some useful experience during the DIY repair session.

Keep up with HVAC system maintenance.


Your HVAC system maintains comfortable temperatures in your home year round, and you can’t afford to neglect it. If you do, you may find yourself with an air conditioner that only blows out warm air at the beginning of summer or a heat pump that’s unable to warm air. Proper maintenance of this system will help you keep your home comfortable and help you avoid some preventable AC repairs.

One of the best things you can do for HVAC maintenance is to make sure you regularly replace your air filters. It’s recommended that you do this at least once per month to prevent dust and dirt buildups from blocking the system. This also keeps your system from circulating dust and other airborne particles throughout your home. Indoor air quality is often more polluted than outside air due to homeowners forgetting to keep up with basic HVAC maintenance. Keeping your vents free of debris makes your indoor air better and can help your AC and heating systems stay operational for much longer.

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