Sweater weather may be upon us,…

Sweater weather may be upon us, but don’t give up hope on all of your favorite outdoor activities just yet. You can still enjoy a fall picnic that brings as much joy and delight as the springtime does.

Here are a few ways to plan the perfect picnic this season.


The first thing you need to prioritize while planning your picnic is packing. What’s the point of having all of these essential goods and treats if you’re not prepared to carry them around with you?

While you’re storing away your picnic items, ditch the classic and traditional picnic basket. Instead, grab a natural and vegan alternative: a washable bag from Out of the Woods. Out of the Woods is a company that practices sustainability by creating eco-friendly bags. Made through ethical manufacturing, Out of the Woods washable bags are the perfect reusable bags to use for hikes, picnics, and more.

Additionally, you don’t have to limit using this vegan-friendly bag strictly for picnics. You can also use these durable bags to replace your plastic bags or paper grocery bags that you may use for shopping!

Party Favors

A little CBD can go a long way. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural remedy that’s extracted from the hemp plant. Known for their possible health benefits, CBD products have grown increasingly popular in the health, beauty, and wellness industries. Benefits of CBD include relaxing properties that help promote deeper sleep, relieve discomfort, and calm an overactive mind.

Looking to enjoy an especially relaxing picnic day? Throw a couple of CBD gummies into your basket! Naternal, a company that sells CBD products, has some of the best CBD gummies you can ever have (all made with natural ingredients and natural flavors, such as strawberry).

Not a huge fan of gummies? Naternal also has a plethora of other CBD products for you to bring along, such as capsules, CBD oil, and tinctures.

Before you decide to indulge in CBD products, be sure to check in with your doctor or primary care physician. (This is especially helpful if you’re already taking medication!) They’ll be able to recommend the best dosage of CBD for you to take, in addition to bringing awareness to any possible side effects.


Usually, all you need for a satisfying picnic is a couple of carefully wrapped sandwiches, a few sides (preferably chips and fruit), and a nice cool beverage to wash it all down.

However, you’re not just planning a regular ol’ picnic: You’re planning the perfect picnic! A perfect picnic includes having a phenomenal menu that’s up to par with even the best catering services.

A good alternative for your picnic meal is to create a charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are often used for dinner parties and social events, but you can also doll one up to fit your picnic needs. The best part about creating a charcuterie board is getting to curate it to your own specific taste. Take a moment to think of your favorite snacks and goods; once you’ve gathered your list, get to creating your dream charcuterie board!

Prepare for the Outdoors

Hopefully, the day you plan for your picnic has perfect weather. (Hello, blue skies. Hello, sunshine!) Even on a lovely day, there are still a few essentials you’ll want to have on you.

To ensure you have a safe picnic (free of germs and bites), don’t forget to pack along some insect repellant, hand sanitizer, and any jackets or sweaters you’re okay with getting a little dust on. Plus, be sure to bring a reliable old blanket to have your spread on!



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