It’s nearly Christmas. Can you believe…

It’s nearly Christmas. Can you believe it? After a year of ups and downs, we’ve finally reached the happiest time of year. If there ever was a year that called for creative gift-giving, it’s 2020. Between tight budgets, travel restrictions, and shipping delays, it’s time to give outside the box.

Safety First


It has to be said that when shopping for Christmas during the pandemic, you can’t let the holiday spirit run away with you. You still have to be safe and COVID conscious. When shopping in public, always wear a mask. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer and avoid touching too many items in stores. As our moms used to say, “look with your eyes, not your hands.” Stay six feet away from other shoppers and after checking out at the register, reapply hand sanitizer. When in doubt, you can always make purchases online this season. After all, your online purchases help support the USPS! If shopping small and shopping local is your preference, many stores are offering curbside pickup this year! To stay safe, take full advantage of these new offerings.

Give the Gift of Beauty


For the makeup guru in your life, this year has undoubtedly been a challenge. With half of their face spent covered every day, the focus has moved away from foundations and contouring. You could say that COVID has changed the way women approach makeup. Bronzer is out. Bold eye makeup is in. To help your gift recipient fully embrace this new trend, consider gifting a new eyeshadow palette or a pair of reusable mink lashes. Magnetic lashes take an eye look to the next level, opening up the eye and adding a finishing touch. Maskne has also become a prevalent problem, thanks to COVID. Many skin savvy folks have started wearing pimple patches under their masks and investing more heavily in quality skincare than complexion makeup. Consider giving your loved one a selection of nourishing products to help them protect their skin from the ravages of maskne.

Experiences are Better Than Things


If your loved ones have embraced the Marie Kondo approach to life, it might be better to focus your attention on gifting experiences rather than things. Experiential gifts provide long-lasting memories, bonding opportunities, and most importantly, won’t add to the clutter. For example, if you’re in Pennsylvania, consider booking a Spring trip for a safari tour and zoo in Halifax, PA, for your family. We’ll likely be dealing with COVID until the summer. Outdoor venues such as zoos are the perfect way to still get out in public without putting yourself at too much risk. If you find yourself on the West Coast, plan a trip with your loved ones to Sequoia National Park and bask in the wonder of the oldest, tallest trees in the world. Forest bathing may be the perfect solution to breaking out of the COVID blues.

Stocking Stuffers That Surprise


Stocking stuffers provide another opportunity to surprise and delight your family. For the free spirit in your family, consider gifting some high-end temporary tattoos. Your resident green thumb might enjoy a collection of heirloom tomato seeds. The earth conscious child would probably enjoy some reusable straws. The key here is to think a little more creatively. This way, you can stay small while still making a high impact.

If there’s one thing we’re all thankful for, it’s that we finally have a reason to celebrate. With this Christmas season, please take the opportunity to show your friends and family that you appreciate and understand them by gifting them with intentionally chosen utterly unique presents.

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