Let’s face it—social distancing is hard….

Let’s face it—social distancing is hard. Not being able to go out with your girlfriends on the weekends, getting takeout instead of having a sit-down meal, and working from home might have been a nice little break at first, but if you’re like most people, by now you’re starting to feel a little stir crazy. That’s totally normal!

If you’re to the point where you have a small, trusted group of girlfriends who have been doing their part in social distancing and you live in a state where it is safe to do so, you might be thinking about ways to have a fun girls’ night in. But if you’re at a loss when it comes to what you should do, or if you’ve been having small gatherings for a while and need some new ideas, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of fun ideas for things you can do with your girlfriends right from the comfort of your home!

1. Do a Puzzle as a Group!

Jigsaw puzzles are such an underrated group activity! A few friends, a bottle of wine, and the right puzzle can make for a very fun night in. From 1,000 piece puzzles to 5,000 pieces or more, there are so many variations of jigsaw puzzles, and many companies have pop culture designs or fun challenges, so there’s something for everyone.

And puzzles aren’t just a fun group activity. Doing a puzzle helps keep your mind sharp and helps you practice looking at the bigger picture to reach your goal. By working with a group to complete a puzzle, you strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills, and you’ll definitely have some laughs along the way.

2. Give Each Other Makeovers

Now hear me out—this might sound very “middle school”, but that’s the fun of it! When was the last time you sat around with your girlfriends watching trashy movies while pampering each other? This will be a great way for you to catch up on your gossip, relax, and trade makeup tips and tricks that have earned a spot in your daily routine. Whether you’re ready to gush about your favorite new skincare regimen or you’re ready to convert all of your friends from regular false lashes to faux mink eyelashes, each friend could bring something fun for everyone to try.

Obviously, bringing your own brushes and cleansers is still very important, both for hygiene reasons and because you should still be at least keeping a small distance between you and your friends. So make sure you’ve got that cute makeup bag handy and clean your brushes before and after your fun night in!

3. Start a Podcast Club

Book clubs are fun, but podcast discussion clubs are slowly on the rise. Friends listen to their favorite podcast’s latest episode, and then get together and discuss it. Or they listen to the episode together over a meal or drinks and discuss it after. Whether you’re into true crime, politics, parenting, movies—there is a podcast out there for everyone. Podcasts like Alohomora! discuss books chapter by chapter if you’d still like to keep some sort of literary element to your gathering.

4. Have a Swipe Party

If you and your girlfriends are all single and into the online dating scene, this can be a fun (and daring) party idea! Exchange phones and allow your girlfriends to swipe left or right on profiles depending on their own judgment of who they think you should date, and if you’re very daring you can even allow them to reply to messages. Not only is this guaranteed to lead to a night full of laughs, but it will help you to get to know your friends’ tastes better and to branch out and consider potential matches you might have rejected on your own.

5. Brunch Pajama Party

If the only time you have to get together is earlier in the day, have brunch together—without having to put on pants first thing in the morning. Make mimosas, french toast, and countless memories right from the comfort of your own kitchen! Just because you can’t go out for brunch, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it.

There are so many great ideas for girls’ night in, and these are just a few! Remember that going out isn’t the only way to enjoy the company of those you’re close with, and stay safely social distanced when you’re out in public so you can safely gather with your close friends with peace of mind.

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