In the world today we are…

In the world today we are surrounded by stressors. The COVID-19 pandemic is an especially stressful event that we are all living through. With so much uncertainty, experiencing persistent stress— and the symptoms it causes— is completely normal. It’s also normal to feel alone and overwhelmed when you are constantly stressed. In the United States, mental health resources aren’t always accessible to everyone. It is crucial to stay on top of your symptoms and know that there are many low to no-cost resources available to you online.


Using With Therapy, a personalized therapy matching system that helps people find the right mental health professionals for them based on their needs, you can work with a licensed professional to dig deep into the root of the stress you are experiencing and in general improve your quality of life. You can also learn how to create a support system, and know that you always have your therapist to rely on and track your progress. By filling out a short questionnaire, you will be matched with a therapist in your area with expertise of your specific needs.


WithTherapy also has resources on their website you can access before being matched with a therapist. Their page on stress and anxiety has several articles about different stressors, symptoms, and stress disorders. By understanding all of the elements of stress and its effects on the body, you can better prepare yourself for treatment and therapy. These resources from WithTherapy can also help you find other sources of relief outside of therapy.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Common symptoms of excessive stress are anxious thoughts and a lack of concentration. Mindful meditation can help ease these symptoms because the intent is to ground oneself in the present moment. The practice of mindful meditation goes beyond just relaxation because you are using it as a time to process and accept your current emotions and state.


Although meditation and mindfulness can be practiced separately, when they are practiced together regularly you may find a significant difference in your stress levels and your ability to handle your stress reactions. People have also found the practice helps them get better sleep as well.


Self-care is a term that started as a way to explain the importance of centering yourself in times where your mental and physical health may need some nurturing. It is important to know that self-care today is highly commercialized and targets young women and adolescents. While, it can feel good to participate in retail therapy as self-care— and there is nothing wrong with considering this your form of self-care— for some the results may fall short of their expectations. This is because true self-care shouldn’t be superficial.


Some good ways to use self-care to alleviate your stress are listening to your body and mind, setting boundaries with yourself and others, and being kind and gentle to yourself. Learning to listen to yourself, whether it be that you’re tired, hungry, or stressed, and giving your mind and body what it needs to exist in its best form will make a significant difference in the way you deal with unexpected outside stressors because you will have already worked through your internal or personal stressors. Genuine and meaningful self-care can greatly impact your mental health and quality of life.

Exercise/Physical Activity

Getting your body moving releases endorphins and regulates your body’s production of adrenaline, both of which can relieve your feelings of stress. Going to the gym, dancing around your room, boxing, biking, whatever gets your body in motion, and activates your adrenaline under your own control, can be an effective way to eliminate stress reactions.


One stress-relieving activity that is very popular in the United States is going to the gun range. Though it doesn’t involve much movement, it is still a physical activity that involves adrenaline, endorphins, and a big responsibility. Shooting in a gun range can be fun and in the long-run relaxing, but if you choose to participate in this activity it’s important to have the right equipment and proper tools to take care of it.

When choosing a firearm, you need to consider the right type of ammo and accessories you will need to go along with it. For a rifle, you will need a rifle scope, mags, belts, and a durable hard case for your firearm. Negrini is an Italian-made brand where you can find a high-quality rifle scope case. It is crucial to have a scope case to protect the optics of your firearm. Any optical surface should be protected in a dust-free hard case, and Negrini crafts durable clam-shell cases that ensure the safety of your accessory while still allowing for quick access. The interior of the case is a high-quality foam that allows for a snug fit around the optics accessory, which in turn keeps out any dust and moisture.

To see a significant difference in your stress levels with this particular activity, it is crucial to be educated and prepared. Going into a shooting range without any knowledge of firearms, accessories, and safety procedures will only exacerbate the stress you’re feeling. With the right tools and experience, spending time at the gun range can be a very effective method for building confidence and relieving stress.

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