Summer is that time of year…

Summer is that time of year notable for high temperatures and humidity levels. Risk factors during summer include dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heatstroke. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during these warmer months. In fact, many people are increasingly looking for ways to stay cool during the sweltering summer heat. These tips will help you cool off during the summer months.

1. Find alternatives to outdoor exercising.


Many people throw caution to the wind by exercising outdoors during summer. As a consequence, they tend to get overheated and suffer heatstroke. There are safer alternatives to outdoor exercising that can help you stay cool.

For one, consider working out during the early morning and late evening hours. Lunchtimes and early afternoons are the hottest times of day to exercise. If you prefer to exercise in the middle of the day, find a shady area to do your workouts. In addition, opt for easier workouts or better yet, try to exercise at a slower pace to prevent overheating your body.

Additionally, you can opt for alternatives to outdoor physical activities that can help you keep cool during the hot summer months. For example, you can swap an outdoor workout routine for an aerobic gym class. In fact, if you know how to use a firearm, you can enroll at a full auto bb gun shooting camp.

2. Keep your body hydrated.

Sweating means that you’re constantly losing body fluid. Staying hydrated can help you cool off quickly in the summer heat. Medical experts recommend drinking water throughout the day, even when you’re not thirsty. Use the color of your urine to determine whether you’re hydrated enough.

If you’re always on the move, consider getting a portable ice maker for your RV or commuter vehicle to keep your soda and water chilled. Most ice makers come with an ice scoop that allows you to scoop a pound of ice from the ice bucket. You can always store the extra ice cubes in a freezer. However, try to stay away from ice-cold cocktails, alcoholic beverages, and caffeine as they only serve to dehydrate you more. Conversely, coffee and sugar-free juice are as hydrating as water.

3. Wear lightweight clothing.


If you’re trying to cool off this summer, wearing lightweight clothing is your best choice. Wearing a sweater, cashmere, or wool during the summer can overheat you. Clothing made of breathable fabrics allows for unrestricted airflow. When going shopping for summer clothes, opt for clothes made of fabrics like silk, cotton, or linen.

Go for styles with looser, flowy cuts to help you stay relaxed and less restricted. Wearing head coverings and breathable footwear can also keep you cool and comfortable.

4. Upgrade your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system not working optimally in the summer months can make life miserable for you. It can be difficult to fall and stay asleep when it’s too hot, and poor ventilation may result in unpleasant odors. For this reason, it would help to commission a certified HVAC technician to conduct a routine check on your HVAC system, specifically the air filters. Remember that the filters help keep dust and debris from entering the system.

Servicing your system will ensure it stays in top working condition. Want to save money on your energy bill? Consider running your air conditioning unit only at night. Furthermore, you may want to install a smart thermostat to maintain cooler temperatures all day long. Programmable thermostats also allow you to monitor energy consumption and reduce energy costs.

5. Shower regularly and pay attention to hygiene.

Try to bathe more often with cool water. This will help lower your body temperature and cool you down. While you’re still dripping wet, run trace amounts of moisturizer or lotion all over your body. A light moisturizer can make a world of difference.

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