The excitement of beginning your adult…

The excitement of beginning your adult life after high school is exhilarating, full of endless opportunities and ideas of just exactly what kind of brilliant life you will lead just as soon as you get out of your front door and step into the halls of your top college choice. But before you can spread your enormous feathered wings full of hope, you have to first complete the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of applying and then getting into the college of your choice and following your passion in life.

Do you choose to leave your hometown? Go out of state or even out of the country? Your grandma has been trying to bribe you into going to her alma mater by sneaking Oreos into your lunch after your mom packs it, but you’re leaning toward heading far away from home. You can hear adventure calling you, and it grows louder every day. You’ve been dreaming about the University of California since eighth grade, but your counselor is pushing you to leave the U.S. and head to Oxford! Somewhere in New York? Before the ideas get too exciting, it’s imperative to narrow down your choices, and the most important task of all? Somehow manage to stay sane during the application process! And let’s not even begin to talk about the rabbit hole that is tackling financial aid and scholarships!

Gondor had to call for aid, so you can, too!


If your sights are set on a top school, you may find yourself in need of a mentor in order to assist you with college admissions help. The college process can be daunting for high schoolers embarking on their higher education journeys, and an ivy coach may be the key that changes a “waitlisted” to “accepted!” Are you doubtful that tutoring can truly elevate your likelihood to get into college? Allow this article to soften your doubts!

The admissions process requires a strategic plan that many high schoolers begin prepping for during their sophomore year. However, if you’re further along than the 10th grade, have no fear, the right college is out there for you! The first question you must ask yourself is what type of student you are and what your career goals are. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you need to know exactly what profession you want to have for the literal rest of your life because high school students are afforded the beautiful opportunity to dream! Your strengths will be highlighted as you embark on this journey of adulthood.

How can a student stay sane while prepping for their dream school?

Many people think that they can take on this challenging world by themselves, never needing a support system. But if one is to look at the countries where people live the longest, the community is what keeps them together. In order to keep up with your academic goals, you may find yourself needing a place to vent, and Facebook groups are the place to do it. Okay, stop thinking, “Who even uses Facebook anymore?” Facebook usage for millennials and Gen Zers is down 5 percent as more young people head to Instagram and TikTok for social media, but there is a great sense of community that can be found in Facebook groups. Facebook group engagement posts are a great way to connect with others and share your aspirations with like-minded individuals in your specific niche. Searching your areas of interest is the best way to find a group, and be sure to make a welcome post so that others know who you are and you can get to interacting immediately!

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