When you close on a new…

When you close on a new house, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that need to be done in a short time. Once you have a closing date, you can start calling the utility companies to get everything moved over to the new address. You can work on getting your mail forwarded and any other paperwork changes you will need to make. Once you close on the house, you want to be focused on moving in and getting settled.

Here are three things to do after you close on your new home.

1. Change the locks.


Even if the previous owners provide you with all of the keys to your new house, you first need to call a locksmith and have all of the locks changed. A locksmith will ensure that all of the doors leading into your home are secure and that you are the only one with keys to enter your home. If you aren’t familiar with any locksmiths in the area of your new home, you can do a local online search to find one. For example, search “locksmiths Brisbane” to find local companies. When you can read their online reviews and check their website or social media pages to make sure you are comfortable hiring them for the services you need. It is best to call and make these arrangements before the closing date to make sure someone can meet you there that day to change the locks.

2. Get all of your stuff moved into the house.


This step may seem obvious, but moving your stuff is the hardest part of the whole process, and it can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of help. Hiring a moving company with years of experience will give you the peace of mind that your possessions will make it safely from your old house to your new home. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services offer a full range of relocation services, so you can talk to them about exactly what you need before moving day. The goal should be to have everything packed before moving, so everything is in boxes and labeled where it needs to go in the new house. That way, when it is unloaded at the new house, you can bring everything to the appropriate room, and unpacking will be much simpler.

3. Set up the house the way it is most comfortable for you.


There are going to be plenty of things on your to-do list over the coming weeks as you settle into your new place, but in the immediate future, moving is exhausting, and you are going to need to sleep. Before you get too distracted with everything there is to do, set up your room in a comfortable way. Unpack your sheets and blankets and put your bed together. Find your toothbrush and bathroom essentials, and unpack cozy pajamas. Make sure your sleeping area is comfortable and ready for you to fall into before you do anything else. You can spend weeks unpacking and organizing the rest of your life, but once you are ready to lay down, you will want to be comfortable.

Moving is a significant stressor for many people, but the more organized you are before the move, the smoother the whole process will go. The more you can set up before closing on the house, the easier it will be when you close. Having everything packed and labeled is one of the best things you can do to make moving day easier for you. It is also best for each person to pack an overnight bag so that they aren’t searching for their toothbrush and pajamas the first night.

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