Foreign Tourists Permitted to Marry in Buenos Aires

Foreign Tourists Permitted to Marry in Argentina [photo by Genaro |, used under Creative Commons license]Foreign tourists are now allowed to marry in the City of Buenos Aires, thanks to a resolution [full text, in Spanish] passed in May 2012. Both straight and same-sex couples visiting the capital city can get hitched with just a few days' notice. Gay marriage was legalized for Argentine citizens in 2010, and now the right has been extended to tourists as well.

I know this news isn't exactly hot off the presses, but I've received a number of emails from readers seeking information about the possibility of getting married in Argentina as a visitor. The change in the law no doubt makes Buenos Aires a more attractive location for those considering destination weddings, since partners can now be joined in a ceremony that is more than purely symbolic.

Tourists wishing to get married must request an appointment at the Civil Registry Office, which, under the law, must be granted in no more than five days. Couples must present a certified photocopy of their passports with a valid tourist stamp and provide an address, albeit temporary (this can be a hotel or friend or family member's home in Buenos Aires), and the length of their stay. Couples will be married at the Civil Registry Office that corresponds to the temporary address they provided.

In addition to Capital Federal, two tourists can tie the knot in the provinces of Santa Fe, Tierra del Fuego and Buenos Aires.

For information about marriage between a foreigner and an Argentine citizen, please see my post "Getting Married in Argentina."

Have you gotten married in Argentina while on vacation? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

[Photo credit: Genaro |]

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