Sightseeing Bus Tours in Necochea and Quequén

Necochea Sightseeing Tours [image courtesy of ENTUR]

The Necochea Tourism Board (ENTUR) is now offering guided bus tours of Necochea and neighboring Quequén. The three-hour sightseeing tour highlights the two cities' natural, historical and cultural attractions such as Plaza Dardo Rocha, the Quequén River, Hipólito Yrigoyen Bridge (known as the Puente Colgante), historic homes including Casa Carballido, Villa Maris, Casa Güiraldes, and Chalet Astelarra, the Falkland Islands War Memorial, the Quequén Lighthouse, the port, the casino, area beaches, Miguel Lillo Park, and more.

This is a great opportunity to see the city, especially if you're visiting without a car!

Cost: $45 pesos per person
Schedule: Saturdays, 2:30pm to 5:30pm and Sundays,10:30am to 1:30pm
Starting point: Tourist Information Office (OINTUR), Avenida 2 and 79, Necochea

For more information or to book a tour, contact:

Tourist Information Office (OINTUR), Avenida 2 and 79, Necochea 
Phone: (02262) 43-8333 or (02262) 42-5983

[Photo credit: ENTUR]

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