Surreal Video of Buenos Aires

Life in Argentina often feels like a roller coaster ride. Whether or not the director intended to include this subtle metaphor in his short film, these classic scenes of Buenos Aires with a mind-bending twist will leave you breathless, just like a true heart-stopping amusement ride should.

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Adventure and Extreme Sports in Necochea and Quequén

With access to the sea, a major river, an extensive pine forest, and undulating dunes, Necochea and neighboring Quequén offer tons of exciting activities for visitors with a taste for adventure.

If you're itching to do more than just work on your tan while visiting the area, check out the following companies and organizations dedicated to adventure sports/extreme sports in Necochea and Quequén. Please keep in mind that many of these outfits are small operations without their own websites or year-round locations. Most are active only in high-season [late December through February]. Details such as phone numbers may change without notice.

Quequén Surf Club at Monte Pasubio Surf Camp
Calle 502 Nº 1160 (at intersection of Calle 529), Quequén
Phone: (02262) 45-1482 // (02262) 15 56-7110 [Monte Pasubio]
Phone: (02262) 49-3114 [Quequén Surf Club]

Classes and equipment rental, Friday-Sunday: 8 am-8 pm

Rafting/Kayaking (River and Sea)
Mundo Bonito
Phone: (02262) 15 65-8998 / (02262) 15 61-3910

Kayak rental at Cabañas Río Quequén
Calle 22 and Ribera, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 42-8068

Surf Kayaking
Escuela de Kayak-surf
Av. 2 and Calle 71, Necochea

Agrupación Náutica "Vito Dumas"
Calle 550 and Ribera Río, Quequén 
Phone: (02262) 42-6550

La Botera at Club del Valle
Calle 66 and Ruta 86, Necochea 
Phone: (02262) 43-0400 / (02262) 15 49-5513

ATV Rental
Av. 10 and 91, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 15 63-7942

Av. 10 Nº 4788, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 42-1150 / (02262) 15 50-9966

4x4 Excursions
Phone: (02262) 15 47-7106

Travesía Sport
Balneario Tarsis, Av. 2 and Calle 83, Necochea 
Phone: (02262) 15 49-4916 / (02262) 15 55-3393

Jeep Tours to Médano Blanco
Parador Médano Blanco, Av. 2 and Pino del Japón, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 15 63-9545 / (02262) 15 56-8931

Bike Rental
Stop Bicicletas
Av. 79 and 10, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 52-1616

Surrey Bike/Bike Rental
Av. 10 and Av. Pinolandia, Necochea

Scuba Diving
Centro de Buceo "Azul Profundo"
Av. 79 Nº 316, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 52-8641

Paradiso Escuela de Buceo
Calle 32 Nº 4976, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 42-9133 / (02262) 15 51-7301

Horseback Riding
Av. 10 and Av. de los Eucaliptos, Parque Miguel Lillo, Necochea

In addition to the activities mentioned above, opportunities exist in Necochea and Quequén to participate in windsurfing, kitesurfing, motorized paragliding, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, waterskiing, canoeing, and sandboarding. Many of the balnearios [beach clubs] along Avenida 2 in Necochea can help you book these activities, or you can visit one of the tourist information offices for more details.

Tourist Information Offices (ENTUR - Ente de Necochea de Turismo)
» ENTUR's Main Office at the Casino Complex, Av. 2 and 91, Necochea
» Av. 79 and 2, Necochea
» Bus Terminal, Av. Jesuita Cardiel [Ruta 86] and Av. 58, Necochea
» Calles 502 and 519, Plaza 3 de agosto, Quequén

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