Top Baby Names in Buenos Aires for 2011

The results are in! According to the civil registries in both the city and province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the following baby names were selected by parents more than any others in the year 2011.

Girls Boys
1.   Isabella 1.   Benicio
2.   Valentina 2.   Benjamín
3.   Sofía 3.   Bautista
4.   Juana 4.   Thiago
5.   Martina 5.   Santino
6.   Morena 6.   Joaquín
7.   Mía 7.   Santiago
8.   Lola 8.   Valentín
9.   Alma 9.   Nicolás
10. Jazmín 10. Ignacio

Isabella came out of nowhere to oust Sofía, the leading name for girls since 2005, while Benicio took the top spot for boy names, knocking former frontrunner Thiago down to the fourth spot. In terms of overall trends, more parents are opting to tiny foot by limaoscarjuliet, on Flickr [used under Creative Commons license]give their children just a first name—no middle name—and a preference for short names such as Mía, Lola, and Alma has emerged.

In Necochea, the most popular names for girls were Isabella, Emma, Mía, Renata, Catalina and Lola, while Valentino, Bautista and Benicio were tops for boys. Daniel's cousin helped contribute to the popularity of the name Catalina here in Necochea, as she and her husband chose that name for their baby girl, the newest member of the family born back in September.

The civil registry of each province maintains an official list of approved names, and each year, a few new monikers are tacked on the list. In 2011, the following names were added to the list for the City of Buenos Aires: Zafira, Kaila, Gaetana, Mina, and Narine, for girls, and Akari, Tomassso, Hyun, Diago and Ringo, for boys.

I'm really drawn to the names Benicio (#1) and Joaquín (#6) for a boy, and the names Emma and Renata (#2 and #4, respectively, in Necochea) for a girl sound lovely to my ears.

Which names from the list do you like most?

[Photo credit: limaoscarjuliet]

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