Red Wine and Watermelon: A Deadly Mix?

Did you know you will die if you drink red wine and eat watermelon together? According to an old wives' tale widely circulated in Argentina, the mix of red wine and watermelon produces a lethal cocktail in your stomach.

I like to live dangerously. Watermelon + Red Wine = DeathWhile most Argentines who subscribe to this myth are firmly convinced that consuming a bottle of red and a slice of watermelon spells certain death, some believe the combination merely leads to digestive upset. Still others would have you abstain from any type of alcohol if you're in the mood for a refreshing piece of watermelon, lest you be found lifeless the following day. How sad to think that few Argentines have sampled the joys of a drunken watermelon (or perhaps they have but didn't live to tell the tale).

Next, I present the following compelling scientific arguments, gleaned from various trustworthy, academic Spanish-language sources such as Yahoo! Answers Argentina, as to how the combination of red wine and watermelon kills you:

» The combination of the two causes intestinal paralysis.
» Wine chemically boosts the level of the naturally-occurring toxin arsenic in watermelon.
» The wine makes the watermelon harden in the gut, creating a "cork" that blocks digestion.
» The mixture of the two produces some sort of fatal metabolic reaction within the body.

Apparently, no one told Martha Stewart or The New York Times about the deadly mix that occurs when these two substances unite. If you like to live on the edge, sample these recipes featuring the killer combo: Sangria Soup and Watermelon and Red Wine Drink.

If I don't post next week, you'll know why.

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