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BA Cast: The Buenos Aires Podcast

Dan Karlin, a long-term American expat, and Fernando Farías, an Argentine local, combine forces to produce an entertaining weekly podcast known as The Buenos Aires Podcast, or BA Cast for short. This dynamic duo "attempts to sort out…foreigners' perceptions of Argentina and Argentines, Argentines' perception of themselves, and everything in between." Dan and Fer share a great rapport, and you're virtually guaranteed to learn something new about Argentine culture with each episode. At the very least, you'll get a good laugh.

A few months back, I chatted with Dan and Fer via Skype about my experiences as an expat in Necochea, and now you can tune in to BA Cast, Season 2 Episode 14 for my take on life in Argentina outside the capital. You can listen to the podcast straight from the BA Cast website or download it onto your computer, iPod, etc. Enjoy!

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