Bathing Regulations — Mar del Plata, Argentina [1888]

Vintage Photo of Bathers in Mar del Plata, Argentina

With beach season just around the corner for those of us here in the southern hemisphere, I thought I'd remind you all of the behavior expected of respectable ladies and gents while enjoying a little fun in the sun (never mind that the rules date to the 19th century!). The following excerpt was translated from the Spanish-language book El libro de oro de la argentinidad by Federico Scagliotti.

Bathing Regulations — Mar del Plata, Argentina [1888]

Article 1 - Nude bathing is prohibited.

Article 2 – Only bathing costumes that cover the body from the neck to the knee are permitted under these regulations.

Article 3 – At Playa del Puerto, Playa de la Iglesia and Playa de la Gruta, men may not bathe together with women, unless they do so accompanied by their families.

Article 4 - Single men are prohibited from approaching women while they are bathing and must maintain a distance of at least 30 meters.

Article 5 - The use of opera glasses or other binoculars is prohibited during bathing hours, as well as situating oneself at the edge of the water while women are bathing.

Article 6 - The bathing of animals at beaches designated for families is prohibited.

Article 7 - The use of lewd or indecorous language or behavior is also prohibited.

Article 8 - Those persons in violation of the preceding ordinances shall incur a fine of two to five pesos or detention for 24 to 48 hours. A repeat offense shall result in a fine of five to ten pesos or detention for 48 to 96 hours. In the event of a third offense, violators shall be banned from the beach for one month.

Click here or here for vintage photos of folks enjoying the summertime in Mar del Plata.

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