Find Your "Happy Tango" in Buenos Aires

Although a journey to Buenos Aires represents the culmination of a dream for many a tango dancer, the complex world of the city's tango scene, with its various styles and social codes, strikes fear and doubt in the hearts of Happy Tango: Sallycat's Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires by Sally Blakemany first-time visitors. But imagine how those concerns would dissipate if you traveled with a friend—a seasoned, milonga-savvy mentor—who could answer your questions, offer encouragement, and guide you through every step of your tango journey. Happy Tango: Sallycat's Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires by Sally Blake aims to be just that friend.

After two years of occasional contact online, I finally met Sally in person about six months ago at a get-together hosted by a mutual friend. We chatted effortlessly for some time about life, the universe and everything, and I can tell you that reading Happy Tango feels exactly like sitting down to a conversation with Sally. She's the sort of person who just exudes positive energy, and her love for tango and Buenos Aires is palpable; I see her writing as a faithful reflection of her personality.

I hear Sally's voice—British accent and all—echo in the pages of this book, informing, advising, and sharing her tango-related trials and tribulations, in a friendly, accessible and upbeat tone.

In addition to offering her insights into securing satisfying experiences on the dance floor and dishing up the details on different tango venues and milongas, Sally walks the reader through practical advice regarding transportation, lodging, dining out and shopping in Buenos Aires (including the all-important section on where to find sexy tango shoes!).

As a complement to Happy Tango, you can find updates on the ever-changing world of the milongas, connect with the author through social media, and more at Sally's home on the Internet, Sallycat's Adventures.

So, pick up your new tango friend, give him the once-over and stash him in your suitcase (I promise this particular amigo won't object to that sort of treatment.). You're now ready to head off in search of your own happy tango in Buenos Aires.

Lovely Ladies by katiemetz, on Flickr[With Happy Tango's author and other tangoing friends (left to right): Cherie Magnus, me, Sally Blake and Tina Ferrari]

Disclosure: While the author did provide a complimentary review copy of this book, the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This post also contains an affiliate link that helps support this blog.

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