My 7 Links: Dusting Off the Archives

7 Mosaic by Leo Reynolds, on Flickr [used under Creative Commons license]

Lucky number 7, baby! Thanks to Abby at Abby's Line and Ana at Ana Travels, I've been tagged to participate in My 7 Links, a project organized by the fine folks over at Tripbase.

The chronological nature of a blog means that quality posts continually find themselves getting buried deeper and deeper in the archives with the passage of time. The idea behind My 7 Links is to dig up some of those posts at the bottom of the heap so that readers can discover "new" material or get reacquainted with old posts they'd forgotten about.

I dusted off these seven posts for your consideration:

[1] My Most Beautiful Post

Few places in Argentina can boast more natural beauty than Patagonia. I featured a series of picture-filled posts on the blog from my trip there last year, but I think Lakes Crossing: Bariloche to Puerto Varas really takes the cake when it comes to pretty.

[2] My Most Popular Post

My recipe for medialunas gets the most visits and love from Google; however, if this popularity contest is based on audience participation in the form of comments and sharing, then my most controversial post [see below] deserves the crown.

[3] My Most Controversial Post

I never imagined that Notes on the Argentine Approach to Cooking, my observations about wonky ovens and sketchy Argentine recipes, would generate so much discussion. The post was even mentioned on Season 1, Episode 10 of BA Cast: The Buenos Aires Podcast. So, go ahead – add your two centavos to the comments.

[4] My Most Helpful Post

I seek to use my blogging powers for good, not evil. To that end, I've tried to lend a helping hand to fellow expats through my post on obtaining Argentine residency through marriage.

[5] The Post Whose Success Most Surprised Me

A conversation I had with Daniel over breakfast one morning led to the post You Might Be a Yanqui. I got a lot of positive feedback [mostly in the form of LOL] from readers, and the post even inspired a riff on the topic from my blog buddy Gayle at Romancing Argentina.

[6] A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

Written back in the earlier days of the blog, Gaucho Rappers: The Payadores of Argentina touches on an interesting part of Argentine culture that many foreigners don't know about. Sadly, this post has languished for nearly two years in the archives with little attention paid to it. People, check out that title! How can you not want to know more about gaucho rappers?

[7] The Post That You Are Most Proud Of

Few posts on this blog are as deeply personal and heartfelt as A Letter to My Mother. Pride only describes a fraction of what I feel when I think about this post.

And now the part where people hate me for tagging them. I nominate the following bloggers to carry the torch [no pressure, eh?]:

Gabriel at Live from Waterloo
Cherie at tangocherie
Diplo_Daddy at Educated Abroad
Chris at In Patagonia
Steven at Travelojos

[Photo credit: Leo Reynolds]

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