Buenos Aires: Merging Past and Present

Inspired by moving wartime images of Leningrad, Russia fused with present-day photos of the city, now known as Saint Petersburg, Argentines Gerardo Soloduja and Jorge Bosch decided to employ a similar technique with photographs of Buenos Aires landmarks. Gerardo, a graphic designer, and Jorge, a photojournalist, created their site Buenos Aires Simultánea [in Spanish] to showcase the modern images that they've meticulously superimposed over vintage ones culled from the city's archives. The stunning effect created allows the viewer to appreciate both past and present at the same time.

Gerardo kindly gave me permission to share the following photos on Seashells and Sunflowers. He also mentioned that he plans to update the site soon with new photos, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh images. Considerable photography and editing skills are required to produce photos like these. Enjoy!

Puente Blanco, El Rosedal, Buenos Aires, Argentina [Used with permission of Buenos Aires Simultánea][El Puente Blanco or Puente de los Enamorados // The White Bridge or Lovers' Bridge, El Rosedal]

Located in the picturesque public park known as El Rosedal, the White Bridge or Lovers' Bridge has served as a meeting place for generations of Buenos Aires residents. The bridge spans one of two manmade lakes found within the Bosques de Palermo, a 200-acre (80-hectare) green space that includes El Rosedal.

Estación Constitución, Buenos Aires, Argentina [Used with permission of Buenos Aires Simultánea][Estación Constitución // Constitution Railway Station]

Built by the British-owned company Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, the original terminal at Plaza Constitución was inaugurated in 1865. The present-day station, completed in the early1930s, features an impressive concourse – one of the largest in the world. Constitution Station once linked the city of Buenos Aires with Necochea and Quequén, bringing trainloads of tourists from the capital to enjoy the area's beaches in summer. Today, the rail line extends no farther than Mar del Plata, 78 miles (125 km) north of Necochea.

Catedral Metropolitana, Buenos Aires, Argentina [Used with permission of Buenos Aires Simultánea][Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires // Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires]

Argentina's most important Catholic church, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, occupies a corner of the Plaza de Mayo, in the city's historic center. First erected in 1622, the cathedral has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. The current neoclassical façade – more reminiscent of a Greek temple than a Catholic church – was completed in 1862.

[Photo credits: All images used with the permission of Gerardo Soloduja of Buenos Aires Simultánea]

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