We Tied the Knot!

I'm pleased to announce that on Friday, March 11th, Daniel and I were married in a civil ceremony in Necochea, Argentina.

Wedding Bouquet by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

Argentine civil ceremonies don't involve much pomp and circumstance. Short and sweet, the ceremony lasted just a few minutes, resembling – more or less – the wedding scene from the Mel Brooks' comedy Spaceballs:

Minister: Do you?
Lone Starr: Yes
Minister: Do you?
Princess Vespa: Yes
Minister: GOOD, you're married. KISS HER!

Afterwards, Daniel and I signed our lives away in the presence of our loved ones and General San Martín (that's him on the wall behind Daniel). I must say that we look pretty happy about it though.

Smiles by blmurch, on Flickr

In spite of a forecast that called for the possibility of rain, we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine during our ceremony and reception (although Mother Nature really let loose throughout the rest of the weekend, with heavy rains and high winds). The only showers we experienced that morning resulted from the pounds of rice tossed at us by well-wishers.

Tossing Rice by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

We celebrated the big day with our closest friends and family from/in Argentina at an intimate reception following the ceremony. We plan to party with my North American relatives and friends later this year when Daniel and I head to the States for our honeymoon.

Buffet Ready and Guests Waiting by blmurch, on Flickr

My friend and photographer Elizabeth Lovelace documented our wedding and reception along with a bit of help from my other friend and photographer Beatrice Murch. I say you can't have too many photographers at your wedding (though perhaps Daniel would disagree!). In addition to her photographic duties, Liz [right] also served as a witness at the ceremony together with Daniel's cousin Mery [left].

Witnesses and Bride and Groom by blmurch, on Flickr

I'll post more details and photos from the wedding later on, but for now I leave you with some more shots from our special day.

Kiss on the Cheek by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

Overlooking the River by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

The Bride and Groom by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

You can view more candid photos by Beatrice in her Weekend at Necochea set.

[Photo credits: Elizabeth Lovelace (FotosEli), all rights reserved // Beatrice Murch, photos licensed under Creative Commons]

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