Sunflowers in Quequén

One of my favorite aspects of summertime here in the southern part of the province of Buenos Aires is how the farmland comes alive with color, courtesy of acre upon acre of sunflowers. When my friend and photographer Elizabeth Lovelace came to visit us a few weeks ago, along with her husband and daughter, we took a ride out to the land owned by Daniel's family to commune with the sunflowers for a bit. The insects were out in full force that day, so we didn't stick around too long; however, we did manage to capture a few shots of the sunflowers bathed in the rich late afternoon light before the bugs got the best of us.

The first three photos were shot by Liz, and the last two were snapped by yours truly. Visit Liz's photography blog FotosEli to view the rest of her sunflower images from that day.

Sunflower by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

Back of Sunflower by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

Sunflower with Bee by Elizabeth Lovelace [FotosEli]

Sunflower Petals by katiemetz, on Flickr

Liz Among the Sunflowers by katiemetz, on Flickr[Liz caught in the act]

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