The Most Popular Baby Names in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Triplées by Raphael Goetter, on Flickr [used under Creative Commons license]

I've always found the topic of names to be an interesting one, and although there's no bundle of joy on the way just yet, I still get a kick out of reading over the latest crop of names that has become fashionable for the little ones here in Argentina.

According to the Civil Registry of the City of Buenos Aires, porteño parents chose the following names more than any others in the year 2010. 

  Girls   Boys
  1. Sofía   1. Thiago
  2. Mía   2. Santiago
  3. Valentina   3. Benjamín
  4. Martina   4. Lautaro
  5. Camila   5. Joaquín
  6. Morena   6. Santino
  7. Catalina   7. Valentino
  8. Julieta   8. Matías
  9. Victoria   9. Bautista
10. Delfina 10. Mateo

Sofía has been the top name for nenas in the Argentine capital since 2005, while Thiago overtook Santiago this year as the most popular name for varones.

Catalina (#7) gave me a bit of a chuckle, as it's the name I was given in Spanish class back in 8th grade! Given the difficulty people have pronouncing my name here, maybe I should revert back to Catalina. Please also note that Chicha is nowhere to be found on the list of names for girls.

I'm not in love with any of the girl names, but I do rather like Joaquín (#5) and Matías (#8) for boys. Which names do you fancy?

[Source: La Nación, hat tip to Holly of Tango in Her Eyes]
[Photo credit: Raphael Goetter]

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