Happy New Year!

Fountain of Color by sunsurfr, on Flickr [used under Creative Commons license]A new year. A fresh start. Another 365 days came and went, and now we've wiped the slate clean to begin the New Year full of renewed hope, energy, and promise. Thankfully, I can report that 2010 turned out to be an excellent year, and I have nothing but great expectations for 2011.

Although there are lots of plans in the works for this year, both personally and professionally, I'm most excited of all to announce that Daniel and I will be getting married! The ceremony will take place here in Necochea in the month of March, which should be a lovely time of year to get hitched. Stay tuned for wedding updates.

Happy New Year from Argentina! Here's wishing you all love, health, happiness and prosperity in 2011.

[Photo credit: sunsurfr]

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