Elizabeth Lovelace: Photographer in Mar del Plata

The relationships I've forged through my blog never cease to amaze me. In the case of my friend Elizabeth Lovelace, we got acquainted after she commented on Seashells and Sunflowers earlier this year. As coincidence would have it, it turned out that she currently resides just an hour and a half away in Mar del Plata. Stranger yet, Liz and her husband once lived in the exact same town that I did back in Pennsylvania. El mundo es un pañuelo. It's a small world.

The first time I visited Liz's home in Mar del Plata, I couldn't help but smile when I saw her photograph of the Philadelphia landmark Boathouse Row hanging on the wall. The conversation came easy that afternoon, and I found that we have a great deal in common. Liz further endeared herself to me that day by plying me with homemade chai tea, fig preserves, bagels and, of course, Philadelphia cream cheese.

Sometimes as an expat, you're so eager to make a connection with someone (anyone!) that you find yourself drawn to an individual simply for the fact that he or she shares the same mother tongue or country of origin, with little or no basis for the friendship beyond those simple commonalities; however, I can say with 100% certainty that Liz is someone whom I would happily befriend regardless of the circumstances.

One of the passions that Liz and I share is photography. While I indulge in picture taking merely as a hobby, Liz has taken the next step and chosen photography as a profession. The tagline on her photography blog reads, "Hallando la belleza de los momentos simples" (Finding beauty in simple moments), and I think this phrase speaks perfectly to her aesthetic as a photographer.

Liz invited me to her very first photo exhibition at Casa del Mar a couple of weekends ago, where some of her lovely work was on display. If you happen to be in Mar del Plata on Saturday, December 11, Liz's photos will be featured at Casa del Mar for the "Noche de Museos" event, as well.

Elizabeth Lovelace, Photographer - Mar del Plata, Argentina[The artist with two of her photographs]

You can view more of Liz's photos on her blog FotosEli. Feel free to join her Facebook page, too, for updates. She's fully bilingual (Spanish/English) and available for portrait sessions, weddings, quinceañeras, and more in Mar del Plata.

Elizabeth Lovelace, Photographer/Fotógrafa
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Email: fotoselimdq@gmail.com

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