Holiday Recipes from Argentina

With the holidays just around the corner, most foodies' thoughts turn to meal planning for the many family get-togethers and parties that typically take place at this time of year. If you're looking to put an Argentine twist on the festivities this season, I've got two new holiday recipes from Argentina: pionono or arrollado primavera and clericot.

Pionono or Arrollado Primavera by katiemetz on Flickr
Here's a snippet of my post on arrollado primavera:

Arrollado primavera—made with a thin, lightly sweetened sponge cake typically known as a "pionono" in Argentina—is filled with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, roasted red peppers and mayonnaise and rolled up jelly roll-style. As a dish that incorporates ingredients that go down a bit easier in the heat and humidity of late December, pionono or arrollado primavera is frequently found on holiday tables in Argentina.
Read more about arrollado primavera, and get the recipe here.

Clericot by katiemetz on Flickr
And here's a snippet of my post on clericot:
Clericot was popularized in Argentina and Uruguay by the British (read more about the British influence in Argentina). Originally known as "claret cup," this summertime drink featured claret (red) wine, sugar, lemon juice and carbonated water.... These days, the Argentine version of clericot generally contains white wine instead of red. Similar to white sangria, a basic clericot features chunks of in-season fruits, a nice white wine, and a touch of sugar.
Read up on clericot, and click here for the recipe.

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