Katie, Tony and Chris by katiemetz

While I was back in Philadelphia visiting my family and friends, I seized the opportunity to meet up with Chris, a new blog buddy who just so happens to live near my old house. She, her husband Tony, a native Argentine, and their three children are planning to move to Patagonia sometime in the near future, and they invited me over for dinner to chat a bit about Argentina and expat life.

Chris and Tony proved to be every bit the gracious hosts, and I really enjoyed getting to know them! With all the Spanish, good food, wine, and laughter, for a few hours, tucked away in a suburb of Philadelphia, I felt like I was in Argentina again. Their company made for a truly delightful evening, and it's gratifying to be able to turn virtual friends into real-life ones.

Chris very kindly wrote a glowing commentary on me, my blog and my Spanish skills over at her corner of the blogosphere, In Patagonia, so go check out what she has to say about yours truly. She also provides independent confirmation that I'm not a psychopath, just in case you were wondering.

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