The Sounds of My Neighborhood

With the windows open to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures, it's impossible to ignore all the sounds of my neighborhood.

» The cries of the egg seller roaming the street in search of customers. "¡Hay huevos!" he proclaims loudly.

» The sound of the towels and sheets on the clothesline billowing in the breeze.

» The enthusiastic calls [listen] of the bichofeo as he sits perched high up in the weeping willow visible from my bedroom window.

» The low rumble of cars and motorcycles punctuated with a random, impatient honk.

» The intermittent barking of the neighborhood dogs.

» The drone of the natural gas compressor at the gas station around the corner.

» The rustling of the leaves of our cherry tree in the wind.

» The tap-tap-tap, thunk, thwack! of the mechanics across the street as they work to patch up a tired jalopy.

» The occasional hum of a power saw emanating from the house behind us.

» A visitor clapping to announce his presence to a neighbor. [This is common here, as many houses don't have doorbells.]

What are some of the sounds of your neighborhood?

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